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5 Ways US Companies Can Prioritize Menopause Support in the Workplace and Why

5 Ways US Companies Can Prioritize Menopause Support in the Workplace and Why

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It's time for American companies to take note and start providing menopause support for their staff! 

Did you know the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) recently published new guidance on menopause in the workplace? While this guidance is specific to the UK, it highlights the growing recognition of menopause support as a crucial aspect of workplace inclusivity and employee well-being.

The UK has embraced the importance of menopause support in the workplace and society in general, paving the way for other countries to follow suit. By acknowledging and addressing women's unique challenges through menopause, companies can create a more supportive and inclusive work environment for all employees.

Here are five ways US companies can overcome top workplace challenges by becoming a menopause-friendly organization:

  1.  #EducationAndAwareness : By raising awareness about menopause and its impact on women in the workforce, companies can reduce stigma, cultivate a culture of understanding and empathy, and help manage menopause in the workplace effectively. This can be provided through workshops, lunch and learns, eLearning, or a keynote presentation.

  2.  #PolicyAndGuidance : Implementing clear policies and guidance on menopause support demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and ensures consistency in how menopause-related issues are addressed in the workplace.

  3.  #FlexibilityAndAccommodation : Offering flexible working arrangements and accommodations, such as rest areas and uniform policies, can help alleviate menopause symptoms and empower women to continue thriving in their roles.

  4.  #OpenCommunication : Encouraging open communication and dialogue about menopause allows employees to voice their needs and concerns without fear of judgment or discrimination.

  5.  #TrainingAndSupport : Providing training for managers and colleagues on how to support employees experiencing menopause can create a supportive and inclusive work culture where everyone feels valued and respected.

The takeaway I hope to inspire with this article is how impactful it will be when US companies embrace the lessons learned from the UK and begin prioritizing menopause support in the workplace. American companies can overcome top challenges by creating a more inclusive, supportive, and equitable work environment for all employees. Let's work together to ensure every woman feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive at every stage of her career journey.

Menopause is a complex time in a woman’s life that can be challenging to understand. The key to managing menopause symptoms starts with having awareness to make educated and informed decisions for menopause care. My life’s work is helping organizations, couples, and individuals overcome the challenges of menopause to live a happy, fulfilled, productive, and healthy life by being informed and confident in advocating for themselves.

If you'd like to know if your workplace challenges are menopause-related, request a complimentary menopause in the workplace needs assessment HERE!




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