Tafiq’s Physiques is a whole body fitness, nutrition, and wellness studio that specializes in helping women and men over 40 to not only look good on the outside. We help balance hormones, increase energy, improve mental clarity, manage stress, boost confidence and improve health so that our clients feel AMAZING on the inside. Our programs combine fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching that enables our clients to attain and sustain their health and fitness goals. We offer a variety of fitness and dance classes so that clients are never bored or feel that they have plateaued. Our nutrition programs can be customized based on each individual needs and our wellness programs include life coaching, massage therapy, meal prep and more. We are truly your one-stop spot for fitness, nutrition and wellness support.


We offer small group fitness classes with no larger than 10 people to enable our coaches to inspire, motivate and educate students with more personalized guidance. It also helps to build a stronger community allowing our clients to really connect and get to know each other better.


Our customized nutrition program enables clients to learn how to eat real food to get real results. Without ever counting calories, fasting, feeling deprived or confused. Our Diet Free Fat Loss Academy has helped clients reverse their diabetes, decrease rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, eliminate fibromyalgia symptoms, get taken off medications and more.


The healthy lifestyle coaching services we provide help our clients navigate the ins and outs of daily life in a healthy and manageable way. Our coaches provide easy to implement tools to use every day and we provide unlimited support on and offline for extra assistance as needed.


Our wellness services help to keep our clients centered and grounded when their surrounding environment may be hard to handle. Clients learn how to balance the self-care and self-love they need for themselves, with the care and love they typically give mostly to everyone else.

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Team Tafiq

Meet our elite team of health & wellness professionals that will help you

reshape your body and transform your life!

Owner & Head Coach

Tafiq has been helping people reshape their bodies, restore their health and renew their lives for more than 19 years in Los Angeles and abroad.

Elite Group Fitness & Private Training Coach

Ana has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She teaches high energy classes including boot camp, body sculpting, yoga and cardio kickboxing.


Her clients, both male and female, with ages ranging from 16-64 all have achieved incredible results with goals as varied as weight loss, weight gain, overall muscle toning, and improved athletic performance.


Known for her positive re-enforcement and creative training techniques, she has been featured in Discovery Health’s Fit to Live, as well as many Women’s Health and Seventeen Magazine workout videos.


Ana believes that anyone can benefit from a fit lifestyle propels her passion in the fitness world, and keeps her motivating others to positively change their


Kevin Keeling
Elite Group Fitness, Private Training & Corporate Fitness Coach

Kevin is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer. He's also accomplished in fencing and has worked as a fencing instructor.


As a personal trainer and corporate wellness bootcamp instructor, Kevin strives to keep fitness fun, effective and manageable. He strive to make exercise as fun as possible by adapting fitness routines to fit clients lifestyles in a way that doesn't make it feel like a chore, while at the same time being extremely effective.

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