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Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

and Metabolic Health Specialist

Hi, I’m Tafiq

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

and Metabolic Health Specialist

I help women and men over 40 who are struggling with midlife hormone and metabolic changes that are causing increased body fat, chronic fatigue, inflammation and various stages of poor health.

My concierge approach to health and fitness coaching provides a whole-body transformation plan specific to your personal metabolic and hormonal needs.  Not only will you shed unwanted pounds, you will increase your energy, boost your power and strength, improve your overall health, and feel better than you have in years.


Let me help you turn back the clock on your metabolism to look and feel your best.

Over the years I tried group workout classes, personal trainers and working out on my own. Nothing worked until I met Tafiq. I'm stronger and healthier and he helped me get my sexy back.

Sylvie M.

Are you sick and tired of diet plans and workout programs that never get the results you want?
Or maybe you’re so confused by all the diet choices and workouts online that you haven’t chosen anything?
But you know your body is changing. You can feel it in when you’re getting out of the bed. When you go up a set of stairs your knees or low back start to get a little achy, you may have even noticed that it’s getting a little harder to catch your breath when you get to the landing.
The good news is that Tafiq specializes in custom nutrition and wellness programing specific individual metabolic and hormonal needs.

My A1C went from an 8.6 to a 5.6. My doctor took me off my medications. I lost 33 pounds and 4.5 inches from around my waste. Tafiq helped me get a life back that I didn't think I could have.

Constance L

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Tafiq’s Metabolic Makeover is the signature program that has been transforming his clients for nearly a decade. Tafiq's screening and assessment program has been updated with the Metabolic Code® Metabolic Health and Vitality assessment process that provides a report including clinically researched and detailed data that enables Tafiq to prescribe a nutrition and wellness plan specific to each persons individual needs.

"Many of my clients have had amazing transformations, not only with their bodies on the outside. They've also made incredible health improvements and even reversed illnesses to feel amazing on the inside.  By simply focusing on the specific nutrition and fitness programming for their personal metabolic and hormone needs clients are able to achieve transformational results that many didn't think were possible."

If you want sustainable weight loss, increased daily energy, boosted stamina and endurance, better overall health, and as you saw in Sylvie's testimonial, you can even get your sexy back. :)

Here’s why
Is The ONLY Solution To
Reverse Midlife Health And Weight Challenges
  • Custom nutrition & wellness for your personal hormonal and metabolic needs.
  • Custom health and fitness for your personal physiology and metabolic rate.
  • Concierge coaching, accountability and support along with an AMAZING community!

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