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Tafiq Akhir is a nationally certified whole body health and fitness specialist that puts his nutrition, fitness and health expertise to good use every single day. 


As one of Hollywood's top fitness instructors for more than 15 years, it was not unusual to spot celebrities like Rashida Jones, George Kotsiopoulos, Amanda Peet, Hill Harper and network sportscaster Terry Ganon amongst the devoted students that packed his classes.


With more than 20 years working in health and fitness,  Tafiq currently uses his extensive background and specializations in metabolic repair, hormone balancing and holistic health  to provide personalized coaching that has enabled his clients to shed unwanted body fat, reverse chronic illness, increase mobility, and feel better than they have n years.

Tafiq's Story

"Growing up I witnessed how lack of adequate activity, poor food choices and unhealthy lifestyle choices affected my mother's life. As far back as I can remember my mom was always on a cocktail of medications. 

By the time my mother was in her mid 40’s, she had already survived colon cancer and 2 strokes. She also had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and fluctuating weight problems. She went into early menopause, had severe sleep apnea, and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. 

At 52 years old my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung and bone cancer. Two months later she suffered from a minor heart attack and four months after that, my mom lost her battle with cancer on New Year's Eve. She took her last breath holding my hand.

Every health and weight problem my mother suffered through could have been reversed, reduced, prevented and even eliminated with adequate exercise, proper nutrition and, healthier lifestyle choices.

And as a 49-year-old man who, myself, has fully recovered from transverse myelitis, completely healed and gotten back into exercise after extensive knee surgery, and have survived and recovered from a stroke. I  know first hand how being healthy and fit and can literally save you from the detrimental effects of health problems that may happen in our lives, especially after 40. 


Now, more than ever is the time to take your health and wellness seriously. There’s no need for another women or man to suffer through similar health and weight issues as my mother did. There’s no need for another person to have injuries and health problems they can’t recover from and for that, I am living proof.


I know that discipline, habit change, consistency, commitment, on-going support and a “whole body” health and wellness program like Tafiq's Metabolic Physiques can help you get the body and health that you want and deserve."

What Members Say About Tafiq

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12-week personalized whole-body metabolic coaching program. Boost your metabolism and balance your hormones  to get you looking and feeling your absolute best through custom nutrition, fitness & lifestyle coaching specific to your personal metabolic physiotype, lifestyle and needs.

Tafiq's Physiques Fit Club membership gives you monthly access to 100's of recorded versions of all of the fitness classes that you have come to love from Tafiq's Physiques including 30 Minute Butt Lift, Total Body Stretch, T-SHRED, Fit Physiques, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and more. New workouts added weekly along with Tafiq's recommended workout schedule of the week.

Giving Back

Tafiq grew up with a mother who gave back and did a lot for her community. Her giving spirit was definitely passed on to her son.


Tafiq grew up a latch key kid and understands the importance and the need for facilities like the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood. After spending time there and finding out more about the facility and their needs from the club director Mel Culpepper, Tafiq decided to use his passion for health and fitness to create the Fit For A Cause Charity Fitness Event to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood (a non-profit organization). To date Fit For A Cause has raised more than $12,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood.


A percentage of our monthly membership dues goes to the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood.

Tafiq's Physiques BGCH Fundraiser

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