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Tafiq is a talented educator and orator who uses his gift to share his knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and healthy aging with corporations, organizations, women’s groups, couples, and individuals.

Tafiq offers keynote speeches, workshops, lunch and learns, webinars, wellness retreats, and training programs. His passion for women’s health led to the creation of Tafiq’s Physiques Women’s Health Initiative focused on providing education, support, resources, and training specific to the hormone, health, and weight problems women struggle with most during midlife.

Tafiq offers a variety of speaking topics. He can also customize a speaking experience for your event, or you can choose from one of his popular signature topics.

I offer two options for my speaker kit. The short form is a 2-pager with my bio and speaker topics. The long form has detailed speaker topic descriptions, bio variations, and more. Choose below.


"Tafiq is professional, reliable, and an absolute pleasure to work with! I am a huge fan of everything he does and highly recommend him as a speaker, coach, and trainer."


-Nicole Mixdorf, Chief Wellness Officer, Balance by Nature

Speaker Topics


How To Manage Menopause

In The Workforce

Nearly 20 percent of women with menopause in the U.S. have quit or are considering leaving a job due to their symptoms. Participants of this presentation learn about menopause and its effect on work, productivity, and collaboration. They get a clearer understanding of the effects of menopause along with resources, training, workshops, videos, eLearning, and so much more to help employees, employers, and entrepreneurs effectively manage menopause in the workforce.

How To Restore Body

Confidence As You Age

The aging process has women over 40 feel like they’re losing control of their bodies and that, physically everything is going downhill. Statistics also show that “83% of women say social media negatively affects their self-esteem” and “39% of women compare themselves to the women they see in excellent shape online and in magazines. In this presentation, participants learn the five tried and true steps that Tafiq has been using to successfully restore body confidence for his clients for over 15 years. 

How To Repair The Root Cause 

Of Menopause Symptoms

The key to minimizing, reversing, and even preventing menopause symptoms begins with determining their personal metabolic distress. In this presentation, participants learn the 4-phase proprietary methodology that Tafiq uses to help clients repair the root cause of their menopause symptoms, so they can finally feel healthy, improve their memory, boost confidence, improve their mood, increase daily energy, strengthen their hormones, maximize their midlife metabolism, and glove what they see when they look in the mirror.

How To Go From Sickness To

Fitness At 40 And Beyond 

Tafiq shares his personal story of restoring his health, reshaping his body, and renewing his life after a pre-diabetes diagnosis, being 40 pounds overweight, surviving a stroke, and overcoming depression. 

Participants of this presentation learn about the importance of improving metabolic health based on a person's individual needs and what it truly means to eat consciously, commit to being fit, and live healthier to promote optimal health and vitality.

How To Maintain A Healthy 

Relationship During Menopause


More than 60 percent of divorces are initiated by women during their menopausal years. What's worse is that most women don’t even realize they are in menopause and are unaware that the mood swings, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, and lack of libido that are the cause of many of their marital issues may be largely caused by the menopause symptoms they are experiencing. Tafiq shares how to manage relationships with significant others, kids, family, and close friends when experiencing menopause.

 How To Create A

Path To Healthy Aging 


Poor health during the aging process is mostly an effect of poor nutrition, health, and fitness choices or a lack of proper nutrition, health, and fitness choice. 

Participants of this presentation learn how to maximize the metabolism through functional nutrition, practical physical activity, and sustainable lifestyle practices to optimize overall well-being for long-term physical, mental and emotional health and vitality.

Get A Customized  

Speaking Experience 


Tafiq is well-versed in several wellness topics, including nutrition, fitness, healthy living, women's health, men's health, sleep improvement, stress management, healthy habit change, and more. If you want something targeted exclusively to your audience, Tafiq can customize a speaking experience, especially for your event. 

"Tafiq’s presentation was full of information,

I gained quite a bit of knowledge about my health issues."

-Hetty Sy, LAX

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