Tafiq's Clients 


Nazanin Fatemian

“Tafiq Akhir changed my life...It feels great to be the same weight I was in my mid-20s and I owe all the progress and transformation to Tafiq. He has equipped me with knowledge I can use for the rest of my life to maintain this success and I am forever grateful."

Sharona Zarobi

"Where do I start? Tafiq helped me to finally transform my body. He is so knowledgeable about nutrition as well as giving the best workout ever!!! Highly recommend!

Karen Chapman

"Tafiq made it pleasurable to show up every morning and bring your "A" game to his Bootcamp class, because he brought his best, each day. He had new and interesting routines for us..it was NEVER boring. I would recommend Tafiq's technique and program to anyone who is looking for a body-changing experience."


Kathy Busby

"Tafiq is awesome. I tried his 6-week program on a whim. 9 months later, I'm still doing it, signing up for course after course because he is such a great teacher. His unique combination of nutrition, strength, cardio and flexibility training is unequaled in Los Angeles. I feel strong, lean, and more energized than ever." 

Chenin Harbison

"I can't even begin to explain how Tafiq has transformed my life and the way I view fitness and health. Not only have his workouts pushed me to physical limits I never thought my body could take me to, but I'm in a better mental state of mind than I've ever been. I'm so thankful to have found him, and recommend his workouts to anyone looking for a TOTAL body transformation! Yes, you have to put in the work, but he actually makes it enjoyable. I'm so proud of the way I look and feel today, and owe so much of that to him! Truly the best trainer in LA."

Andy Valdez

"Tafiq has absolutely elevated my fitness regime to the next level. I want everyone I know to benefit the way I have from his challenging, fun, intense work outs. When you finish a Tafiq workout, there is no question that you've pushed it as far and as hard as you can and that you've done your work for the day. come on, get Tafiqed!"

Stefani Lo

"I am in better health and know that by working with Tafiq my level of fitness will continue to evolve. Today I feel confident, healthy and hopeful. And with hope I have everything.” 

Francie Friesth

"I had various trainers over the years, but I had to tell you Tafiq's truly a diamond in the rough.  My goal working out with him is quite simple - to achieve maximum strength, and stay healthy.  And perhaps maybe someday, even catching my reflection and say: whoa! I'm getting close to having Angela Bassett's beautiful arms from "How Stella Got Her Groove Back"
I couldn't even do one sit up, nor a push up 11 months ago, but things are looking up - I like what I see, and I owe it to Tafiq & his wonderful, friendly staff.  Tafiq's not only a fitness instructor, he is also a nutrition and life coach.  I look forward to waking up every morning for class because I know I'm doing something good for myself so I can be a better person for myself and those whom I love."

Janice Bremec

"Just when you think you’ve done it all Tafiq finds muscles that you didn’t know you had!  I’ve done every kind of workout there is but with Tafiq I’m amazed at his creativity.  He takes an ordinary exercise and TAFIQIFIES it!  I am always challenged, always surprised and beyond thrilled with my results.  It’s not about working out to be skinny, it’s about being fit, being strong and learning more about what your own body can do and with Tafiq it’s more than I would have thought.  He calls one of his exercises “heavy pants”, it’s as if you are trying to pull up a pair of lead pants.  Every time I pull on a pair of pants I think “heavy pants” and then I break out a big smile because thanks to Tafiq my “heavy” pants are now smaller pants!"