Menopause Made Simple

Empowering women to confidently manage menopause symptoms, improve their overall health, and enjoy a vibrant, fulfilled life.


"Menopause Made Simple is a comprehensive self-paced training series that will teach you everything you need to know to manage every stage of menopause confidently, including symptom relief, mental health, relationships, work, and more." - Mr. Menopause


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Menopause Made Simple

Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Menopause Journey?


This self-paced training will teach you everything you need to know to confidently manage every stage of menopause, including symptom relief, mental health, relationships, work, and more. You will:

  • Learn how hormonal changes during the three stages of menopause impact your mental, physical, and emotional health -¬† preparing you for the often life-altering changes ahead.
  • Discover a variety of symptom management options, from hormone replacement therapy and HRT alternatives to lifestyle changes and more, allowing you to create a personalized approach to alleviate menopause-related discomfort.
  • Gain¬†knowledge and skills to effectively communicate with healthcare providers and build supportive networks¬†- ensuring you receive the care and understanding needed during this significant stage of your life.

With a comprehensive understanding of menopause - you can gracefully restore your health, reshape your body, and renew your life.

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Here's what women are saying about The Menopause Made Simple training:

I feel this training is providing a great foundation of information so that when I walk into the doctor's office I will feel empowered to ask the right questions and to advocate for various kinds of treatment.

- Heidi McCollough

I love all of the collaboration and options included. Sadly, when I was going into menopause, my MD only offered Estrogen patches, telling me they would help with any symptoms. I love that you have holistic and other options.

- Ellen Norris

This is a great conversation that is lacking for women of all ages, which makes talking about it during menopause even more uncomfortable. I’m glad this topic for discussion and exploration is included in this training.

- Haley Malouf

Menopause Made Simple Is For You If...

  • You're approaching menopause and want to understand what to expect¬†so you can manage changes proactively and confidently.
  • You're currently experiencing menopausal symptoms and seeking effective strategies to alleviate discomfort and improve your quality of life.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the conflicting information about menopause and desire clear, reliable guidance from a trusted expert.
  • You want to join a community of women experiencing¬†the same journey, where you can find support and exchange experiences.
  • You're interested in learning about both traditional and alternative treatment options to customize a menopause management plan that works best for your body and lifestyle.


You Can Control Your Menopause Journey 

Learn everything you need to know to manage your menopause experience
with confidence, ease, grace, and autonomy.

With Menopause Made Simple, you will:

  • Enhance Understanding and Awareness¬†
  • Improve Symptom Management and Relief
  • Increase Knowledge for Empowered Self-Advocacy
  • Improve Emotional and Psychological Well-Being
  • Strengthen and Revitalize Relationships and Sexuality
  • Embrace Healthier¬†Lifestyle¬†Choices¬†and More...

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

You’ll learn how to finally take control of your hormones, health, and weight management without confusion, fear, or lack of support.


What's Included In Menopause Made Simple?


Understanding Menopause

This section equips you with foundational knowledge to recognize and understand the natural progression of menopause, setting the stage for effective management and personal empowerment, including:

  • Defining Menopause
  • Understanding The Three Stages of Menopause
  • Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

Managing Menopause

This section covers medical treatments, natural remedies, and lifestyle adjustments, empowering you to customize a management plan that aligns with your health goals and lifestyle preferences, you’ll learn about:

  • Medical Interventions for Menopause
  • Alternative Therapies for Menopause
  • Lifestyle Changes to Better Manage Menopause



Life After Menopause

This section offers guidance on maintaining a vibrant lifestyle through targeted nutrition, regular exercise, and holistic health practices, ensuring you continue to thrive long after the menopausal transition, including:

  • Physical Health After Menopause
  • Mental Health After Menopause
  • Sexuality After Menopause



Social Considerations in Menopause

This section highlights how cultural, social, and personal identities impact the menopause experience and provides tailored strategies for managing these specific needs; you’ll learn about:

  • Racial Disparities In Menopause
  • Understanding Menopause in the LGBTQ+ Community
  • Managing Menopause at Work

~ Special Bonuses ~

Fully Vetted and Mr. Menopause-approved List of Resources

Mr. Menopause-approved resources provide trusted and effective tools to support your menopause journey. This carefully curated collection includes various resources based on the variety of options taught in MMS. All resources are personally reviewed and approved by Tafiq Akhir, ensuring you have access to the best and most reliable information and solutions. 

One-Month Free Exclusive Access to Menopausal Moms Private Group

Get a one-month sneak peek into Menopausal Moms, a supportive and interactive community where you can connect with others going through similar experiences. Share stories, ask questions, and receive peer and expert encouragement.

Monthly subscription includes:

Exclusive Webinars and Workshops, Monthly Live Q&A Sessions, Downloadable Guides and Worksheets, Nutrition and Fitness Support, and So Much More!

Money Savings and Money Makings

This bonus provides exclusive access to affiliate opportunities, special discounts, prizes, giveaways, and more. Join the Menopause Made Simple program and benefit from financial savings and earning potentials, all curated to support and enhance your menopause journey. Enjoy discounts on recommended products, participate in exciting giveaways, and explore affiliate opportunities to share valuable resources with others while earning extra income. This bonus is designed to make your experience both rewarding and economical.


Menopause Made Simple

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If you aren’t completely satisfied with Menopause Made Simple, let me know within the first 14 days of the program start date for a full refund. No questions asked.

I'm Mr. Menopause

Tafiq Akhir

As a licensed and award-winning menopause specialist and healthy aging expert, I have dedicated nearly two decades to helping women navigate hormone, health, and weight management challenges associated with menopause.
With a background as a celebrity fitness trainer, author, and talk show host and over two-decades in health and wellness, I also bring a unique blend of practical solutions, empathetic support, and educational resources to every aspect of my work. Join my training to embrace this life-changing journey with confidence, knowledge, and grace.

Here are more women sharing their experience with the training:

I did not know there are 3 stages of menopause. I wish I had been informed before to understand perimenopause and when I was experiencing it.

- Darlene Beccaria

Thank you for these quick ‚Äúbites‚ÄĚ of information and for breaking it down into very information-packed and understandable sessions.

- Amie

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