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Ep3: Eating For Metabolic Health & Longevity (Tafiq's Metabolic Moment) eating fitness health metabolic wellness

In this episode, I'm sharing a quick breakdown of why it's important to eat for health.

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Episode 2: Eating & Moving For Optimal Health ( Tafiq's Metabolic Moment ) eating exercise health hormones wellness

Metabolic health is on a constant decline. In order to improve metabolic health, the key is to make better food and fitness choices after 40.

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Episode 1: Choosing Health Over Ego (Tafiq's Metabolic Moment ) health hormones metabolism nutrition wellness

Many of us make fitness and nutrition choices based on what we want. But when health and wellness issues arise it becomes more important to focus on what you need.

In episode one of Tafiq's Metabolic Moment, Tafiq shares a quick tip about choosing health over ego.

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How Diet Soda Affects Your Metabolism diet soda health metabolism nutrition water wellness

In Episode 5 of Tafiq's Metabolic Mondays - I'm sharing how diet soda affects your metabolism. Subscribe to my newsletter below.

I help midlife regain control of their bodies by fixing the hormone problems they’ve been struggling with for years, so they can finally feel healthy,...

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