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New Program Launch

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Hey there!


I am excited to share the "re-launch" of my signature coaching program, Tafiq’s Midlife Metabolic Makeover. My 90-Day Customized Nutrition, Health, and Fitness Program can help restore your health, reshape your body, and renew your life.


I specialize in helping midlife women (40–65) regain control of their bodies by fixing the hormone problems they’ve been struggling with for years, so they can finally feel healthy, sexy, confident, and happy with what they see in the mirror again.


What I’ve found is that when women at this stage of life begin struggling with hormone issues, they also start to fear getting older, feeling unattractive, and being alone. They question whether they’ll ever feel like their former selves and worry they may get the same health problems as their mother or that they’ll end up burdening their families as their health declines. Many are slowly losing hope because the diets and programs that used to be effective are no longer working, and most women I meet really don’t want to be on medication or undergo other medical interventions if they don’t have to.


And the great thing is that to fix the hormone issues you’ve been struggling with and to take back control of your body once and for all, you simply need to develop a new relationship with food, make the mindset shift to focus on health rather than weight, and learn how to heal their personal metabolic distress symptoms in order to get back to a life they may not think they can have again.


If you or someone you know is tired of wondering how to balance your hormones, questioning your food choices, or wanting to lose stubborn midlife weight and improve your health, I can help!


I have opened up a few spots on my calendar to have a conversation to share how I can help you regain control of your body, strengthen your hormones, improve your health, get your sexy back, and feel better than you have in years.


Apply for a FREE Discovery Call to learn more.


Simply scan the QR code on the screen or go here to apply—>>>


Spots are limited, so be sure to apply and schedule your call now!

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