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What Women Say About Working With Tafiq

Introducing Mr. Menopause


With over two decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, my journey was sparked by a pivotal moment during physical therapy for a shoulder injury over 23 years ago. This life-altering experience ignited a passion to make a difference and embark on a transformative path in health and wellness.

For over 18 years, I’ve channeled this dedication into specializing in women's hormones, health, and fat loss, specifically for women over 40. I've been on a mission to empower women, helping to eliminate menopause symptoms, reverse illnesses, and reclaim the vibrant lives many thought were beyond their reach. It became evident to me that while one-on-one coaching was impactful, it had its limitations in terms of the number of women I could help effectively.


This realization led me to group and corporate training, where I've spent over nine years dedicated to corporate wellness. In the corporate landscape, I’ve identified a significant gap in menopause awareness in the workplace and the lack of resources for employers, colleagues, and family members who are also affected by this natural phase of life. As a Licensed Menopause Expert and Menopause Awareness Specialist, I am committed to closing this knowledge gap and fostering a more empathetic and supportive work environment.

I've created comprehensive menopause awareness training and certification programs for leadership, colleagues, and family members of menopausal individuals, offering vital insights and resources. By breaking down stigmas, cultivating empathy, and encouraging open discussions, my work enhances the well-being of all employees while helping organizations overcome the challenges posed by menopause. With my extensive experience and an unwavering commitment to this cause, I am poised to make a meaningful impact in women's health, corporate wellness, and menopause awareness. Join me on this transformative journey toward more inclusive and supportive workplaces.

In Tafiq's free time, Tafiq enjoys doing anything creative in the fine or performing arts and spending time with his spouse, Darryl, and two fur babies, Jasper and Lewie.

Tafiq is also a proud 6-year member of the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood.

To learn how Tafiq went from being a professional dancer in music videos and touring the world to a menopause expert transforming lives, read more  HERE<<<

"Tafiq is professional, reliable, and an absolute pleasure to work with! I am a huge fan of everything he does and highly recommend him as a speaker, coach, and trainer."

 -Nicole Mixdorf, Chief Wellness Officer, Balance by Nature

 “Tafiq’s approach and professionalism is top notch. He has definitely been one of the most comprehensive hormone, health, and wellness coaches in LA! If you are looking for an A + presentation and nutrition and wellness guidance, I highly recommend him. I approve of this comment.”

 -Pernell Wright, HR Business Consultant


"I created this book as a menopause guide for employers, colleagues, and family members. So they are aware of and better understand the life-altering effects that menopause will have on every woman to some degree between the ages of 40 and 60." - Tafiq Akhir


A comprehensive menopause awareness guide that clearly explains and defines the varying effects that menopause has on a womans entire life. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Therefore impacting work, relationships, and health.

Menopause in the workplace can also fall under health, diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as health regarding employee benefits and employer responsibility. You will also learn the importance of adding a Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Training & Policy and more.

"I am in better health and know that by working with Tafiq my level of fitness will continue to evolve. Today I feel confident, healthy, and hopeful. And with hope I have everything.”

 ~ Stefanie Lo, Retiree

Speaker | Host | Coach | Educator

Tafiq is a talented educator and orator who uses his gift to share his knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and healthy aging with corporations, organizations, women’s groups, couples, and individuals.

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