Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Needs Assessment


 Providing Life-Altering Results with Menopause Awareness

These are just a few 5 star reviews Mr. Menopause, Tafiq Akhir,  has received from past clients.

Oralia Acosta

Health Coach, Nutrilicious By Oralia

"Tafiq's presentation on "How To Repair The Root Cause Of Menopause Symptoms" was excellent. As a fellow health coach, I can confidently write that Tafiq knows his stuff and can assist women with menopause issues.


Ronald Pennywell

Casting Dir., Barbara Fiorentino Casting

"Not only is Tafiq a genuinely good dude, but a true pro! I have not found a better resource for finding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His commitment to and dedication to getting you to reach your own personal goals, while in a room full of other people, is pretty amazing to experience. 


Nikki Kaffe

Senior Manager, Television Academy

"I feel so grateful to have found Tafiq! He is a wealth of knowledge about how the body works and what it takes to make it function in the best way possible."


How Does The Complimentary Assessment Work?

As a menopause specialist passionate about helping companies and women overcome the challenges and complexities of menopause, I'm thrilled that you're interested in prioritizing the well-being of your employees. I designed the assessment to assist CEOs, Heads of People, HR Directors, and DEI professionals in identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement in supporting employees through menopause. Regardless of where your organization currently stands in terms of menopause awareness, it's imperative to recognize that 88% of women express a desire for employers to provide menopause support, roughly 25% of menopausal women quit or consider leaving a job due to lack of support and awareness in the workplace, and a variety of workplace challenges are impacted by menopause, including absenteeism, talent retention, health and safety, and more. By acknowledging and addressing the needs of menopausal employees, your company doesn't only show compassion for your staff—it's also beneficial for your company's overall success.
My assessment evaluates your workplace's awareness and understanding of menopause-related issues, considering the significant impact this natural transition can have on individuals' mental, physical, and emotional well-being. When you sign up for the free assessment, you will respond to a series of questions designed to determine the menopause awareness and support that your company already provides. Based on your responses, I'll conduct further research on your company and compile a detailed report. Once the report is ready (2-3 business days), I will reach out to schedule a consultation call to discuss my findings and recommendations. If my recommendations align with your company goals, we can proceed and collaborate to make your organization certified and menopause-friendly. Take the first step today by completing your assessment below.


Who My Complimentary Assessment Is For


- CEOs -

CEOs are key decision-makers within organizations, setting the overall direction and priorities.
The assessment helps CEOs understand the importance of supporting menopausal employees and how it aligns with their values and goals. It provides insights into areas where improvements can be made to create a more supportive and inclusive workplace culture.


HR Directors lead the implementation of HR strategies and initiatives to support company goals.
The assessment gives HR Directors data-driven insights into the challenges and opportunities related to menopause support within their organization. It equips them with the information needed to advocate for and implement changes that promote inclusivity and well-being for all employees.


Heads of People oversee human resources (HR) organizational functions, including employee well-being and development.
The assessment helps Heads of People identify gaps in current HR policies and programs related to menopause support. It enables them to develop targeted initiatives and resources to meet the needs of menopausal employees better, fostering a healthier and more engaged workforce.


DEI professionals focus on creating and maintaining diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace environments.
The assessment highlights the intersectionality of menopause with diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. DEI professionals can use the insights gained to ensure menopausal employees receive equitable support and consideration within broader diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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