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Thank you for your interest in my food label guide! 

If you've been confused about food labels and how to figure out what all that mumbo jumbo on food packages means, this guide will be a game-changer for you. 

Not only will you have simple strategies to understand food labels, but you'll also cut shopping time and have other resources to make healthy eating simple.


Tafiq Akhir

 Here's What's Inside:


  • My 10-second strategy to EASILY dissect the food label.

  • How to make more informed decisions at the grocery store. 

  • How to take back control over the quality of your food choices.




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"I had various trainers over the years, but I had to tell you Tafiq's truly a diamond in the rough.  My goal in working out with him is quite simple - to achieve maximum strength and stay healthy.  And perhaps, maybe someday, even catching my reflection and say: whoa! I'm getting close to having Angela Bassett's beautiful arms from "How Stella Got Her Groove Back."  Tafiq's not only a fitness instructor, he is also a nutrition and life coach.  I look forward to waking up every morning for class because I know I'm doing something good for myself so I can be a better person for myself and those whom I love."

-Francie Friesth

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