Regain Control Of Your Health, Increase Productivity, Improve Mental Clarity,

Eliminate Symptoms, Boost Confidence, And Feel Better Than You Have In Years.


Menopause Impacts Every Aspect

Of A Woman's Life 

Knowing and understanding the direct impact that menopause has on your life is imperative to minimize, reverse, or even prevent menopause symptoms.

The physical, mental, and emotional struggles will also directly impact the people you spend the most time at home and work.

What's Your Metabolic Distress Type?

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To determine if you are experiencing metabolic distress, respond to each section of the assessment by clicking all the symptoms you experience three or more times per week that negatively impact your quality of life.

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What Clients Are Saying


Here's what you can expect…

  • Identify, understand, and heal the root cause of your menopause symptoms.
  • Learn how to make the best food choices for your personal hormone and metabolic needs in any situation. 
  • Shed stubborn body fat without counting calories, detoxing, juicing, or fasting.
  • Physiologically transform the shape of your body without long exhausting workouts.
  • Learn to combine foods in the best way for your personal nutritional needs.
  • Restore your health, reshape your body. and renew your life. 


My Coaching Philosophy


My coaching philosophy is a gentler approach to health and wellness that works because it’s all about healing your personal metabolic distress symptoms.


I have found that metabolic distress is the leading cause of symptoms most women experience during menopause and various types of metabolic syndrome.  Therefore, food, activity, and lifestyle choices are focused on healing and repairing the area of distress negatively affecting your health and wellness.


My job as a licensed menopause specialist and healthy aging advocate is to know the research and give the best advice to help my clients restore their health, reshape their bodies, and renew their lives in the safest, most highly effective, and most time-efficient manner. You won't get complicated meal plans, diet pills, or strenuous workouts with me. Instead, you will optimize your health and vitality to eliminate symptoms and naturally shed stubborn body fat without focusing on weight loss, dieting, counting calories, or detoxing.


That’s what’s different about working with me, and that’s why my coaching method has produced life-changing transformations for hundreds of women like you. 


If you are ready to regain control of your body by repairing the root cause of your menopause symptoms, so you can finally look and feel better than you have in years; schedule a FREE discovery call to learn more.



Tafiq's Client Transformations 

What's Included?


Personalized nutrition and wellness plan

Easy-to-follow nutrition guidelines

Weekly progress check-ins and nutrition plan adjustments

Recipe packs w/ grocery list and meal plan


Personalized health and physical activity program and guidelines

Unlimited access to Tafiq's Fit Club virtual fitness studio 

New workouts added weekly

Weekly progress check-ins and activity plan adjustments


6 months to 1 year of personalized Menopause Makeover coaching and accountability

Weekly group coaching calls

6 months to 1 year of unlimited email/app messaging support

Unlimited access to 40+ hrs of Tafiq's Diet Free Academy® training videos


More Client Transformations

This Is For You If...

  • you are tired of suffering and ready to move beyond your hormone, health, and weight management issues.

  • you’re tired of disappointing results from fad diets and workout programs that use to work for you but aren't working anymore.

  • you aren’t getting adequate help and answers from your healthcare provider, trainer, or nutrition coach.

  • you don't want to take medications or do other medical interventions if you don't have to.
  • you need to improve your health, and you're afraid things will get worse if you don't take care of this now.

  • you are coachable and willing to follow the recommendations and guidance of a coach.
  • you are someone who will follow thru and keep your commitments

This Is NOT For you If...

  • you are not willing to commit to focusing on improving your health first.

  • your primary motivation is just to lose weight (although weight loss is a benefit of this program, it is primarily for menopause symptom relief. I have other programs specifically for weight loss if that is your primary goal).
  • you don’t see the value in investing in yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially.

  • you are not willing to change how you approach nutrition, health, and fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions