Did you know that 30% of women miss work because of menopause symptoms and that 60% of women with menopause say symptoms negatively impact their work?

Learn how your company can help!


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Benefits of Providing a Menopause Awareness

Training & Policy For Your Company:

  • Avoid spending time, money, and energy on replacing, recruiting, and training new staff as a result of team members cutting hours or resigning due to the impact menopause symptoms may be having in the workplace.

  •  Strengthen your company's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

  • Provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive working environment for staff members experiencing the negative effects of menopause at work.

  • Provide actionable solutions and symptom relief resources for staff struggling with menopause symptoms.
  • Restore confidence and sense of job security for valued female talent.
  •  Improve attendance, morale, productivity, and teamwork for all employees.

"I have had the pleasure of partnering with Tafiq Akhir for six years. I am constantly blown away by his depth and breadth of knowledge about health, nutrition, hormonal balance, metabolism, and fitness. We always receive exceptional feedback from the participants of his wellness presentations, telling us what a great presenter he is and how beneficial the information is that he shares. Tafiq is professional, reliable, and an absolute pleasure to work with! I am a huge fan of everything he does and highly recommend him as a speaker, coach, and trainer."

Nicole Mixdorf, Chief Wellness Officer, Balance by Nature

Including Menopause Awareness Training & Policy For Your Company Does Not Have To Be Complicated!

Tafiq will help your team become menopause aware in a highly effective and time-efficient way with proven and award-winning training, policy, resources, and solutions that can be tailored to your company culture.


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Becoming A Menopause Approved Company


The Mr. Menopause | Menopause Awareness In the Workplace Training and Policy provides the education, resources, and support needed to integrate menopause awareness into your workplace successfully. I have also partnered with the Menopause Experts Group as a certified and licensed menopause champion offering the award-winning and renowned Advantage accredited training, which will guide Management, Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, Training & Development, and all staff members to establish a menopause-friendly workplace that is supportive and inclusive of all employees.

Properly training managers and other leaders on your team is key to a successful menopause awareness campaign. However, participation by any staff member interested in learning how they can help eliminate workplace anxiety around menopause in support of their colleagues should be encouraged. It's also beneficial to have an a. staff member take the lead as your company's personal menopause champion to aid staff members and leadership in managing menopause in your workplace better

By proudly posting your Mr. Menopause-Approved and Menopause Experts-Approved badges on your website and social pages, you show that your company upholds your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and values the contributions of your female employees.

Why Become A Menopause Approved Company?

Improve Overall Morale & Staff Confidence

Increase Overall Productivity & Profits For The Company

Reduce Sick Leave & Absenteeism; Thus Reducng Sick Pay

Avoid Expensive Agency Costs To Cover Absent Team Members

Mitigate Cost To Recruit & Train New Staff

Boost Company Profile and Culture Publicly

Increase Staff Retention & Talent Avquisition

Avoid Lawsuits & Other Legal Actions

Why Work With Mr. Menopause?

Tafiq Akhir offers a comprehensive blend of information, education & support in collaboration with your team members who lead critical areas like human resources, diversity & inclusion, and training & development, to enhance the well-being of your employees while providing a safe and supportive working environment. 

Custom Branded Accredited Training Web Portal
Specialized Online Training For Managers
Health & Lifestyle Education Modules
Policy Framework Assessment & Guidance
Nominated Menopause Champion Training
Educational Presentations, Webinars & Events
Menopause Approved Status
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"Tafiq's approach and professionalism is top notch. He has definitely been one of the most comprehensive health and wellness coaches in LA! If you are looking for an A + presentation and nutrition and wellness guidance, I highly recommend him. I approve this comment."

Pernell W., Humam Resources

Meet Your Menopause Awareness

In The Workplace Specialist

 Tafiq Akhir

Certified Menopause Expert

Licensed Menopause Champion

 Tafiq Akhir, aka Mr. Menopause, is passionate about providing proven and fact-based training,  resources, and solutions to help companies retain and attract high-level female talent, and to create an inclusive, safe, and supportive working environment for all employees.

He also specializes in hormone, health, and weight management for women struggling with menopause and other midlife health issues.

For over 20 years, he's been one of Los Angeles' most trusted health and fitness experts, and his company was named one of the best health and wellness businesses in the entire state of California on California.com's recommended businesses list.  

In his free time, Tafiq enjoys doing anything creative in the fine or performing arts and spending time with his spouse Darryl, and two fur babies, Jasper and Lewie.

Tafiq is also a proud 6-year member of the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood.

"Tafiq's presentation on menopause" was excellent.

In it, Tafiq gave a clear explanation of various causes for our menopause symptoms in a well-laid-out, easy-to-understand explanation.

Further, as a fellow health coach, I can confidently write that Tafiq knows his stuff and can assist women with menopause issues."

- Oralia Acosta, Health Coach

"There was so much good information I would go to this presentation a second time. Tafiq covered a variety of topics including nutrition, the critical role of sleep, listening to your body, and the difference between high and low-intensity exercise."




Menopause In the Workplace OnDemand

What's Included:

  • 3 Sections \ 9 Training Modules (3-10 min max)
  • Section 1: Menopause 101 + Quiz

  • Section 2: Understanding The Multiple Effects Of Menopause + Quiz

  • Section 3: Managing Menopause In Your Work Space + Quiz

  • Weekly Access To Menopause Related Guides & Resources

  • Unlimited Email and Community Group Support

  • Mr. Menopause Approved Badge
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Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Complete Training & Policy Program

What's Included:

  • (6 ) Live Web Classes (up to 60-min)

  • Access To Recorded Sessions
  • Award-winning Menopause Awareness Curriculum 
  • Unlimited Email and Community Group Support
  • Guides, Action Learning Exercises, and a Curated Selection of Actionable Tools & Resources
  • BONUS: Access to the OnDemand Menopause In the Workforce Training
  • Menopause Awareness In the Workplace Policy Template & Guidelines
  • Mr. Menopause Approved Badge
  • Menopause Approved Experts Badge  
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Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Coaching

What's included:

  • 4-5 Hour VIP 1-Day Workshop :
  • Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Training + Q&A
  • Menopause 101 + Q&A
  • Understanding The Multiple Effects Of Menopause + Q&A
  •  Managing Menopause In Your Work Space + Q&A
  • Menopause Awareness Policy Guidelines
  • Menopause Experts Approved Badge
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