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A comprehensive guide for leadership and HR professionals about the social and economic impact of menopause and how companies can create a supportive and inclusive environment that benefits both the staff and the organization.


Mr. Menopause Guide

A detailed resource covering everything you need to know about menopause, andropause, and healthy aging in the workplace. From understanding the biological aspects to navigating the social and economic impacts, this guide is your go-to resource for fostering menopause awareness in your organization.

Why Menopause Awareness Matters

  • Enhanced Employee Well-being: By fostering a culture of menopause awareness, you can improve employee satisfaction, retention, and overall well-being.
  • Increased Productivity: Addressing the impact of menopause on productivity and employee relations can lead to a more efficient and harmonious workplace.
  • Legal Compliance: Stay ahead of the curve by ensuring your organization complies with legal and ethical standards related to menopause and healthy aging in the workplace.

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Meet Mr. Menopause

Tafiq Akhir, widely recognized as Mr. Menopause, stands at the forefront of menopause education and support, bringing vitality and expert guidance to the complex journey of menopause. With an illustrious career that spans over two decades, initially making his mark as a celebrity trainer, Tafiq has evolved into a licensed and award-winning menopause specialist and healthy aging expert. His mission is to empower women over 40, offering hope and a myriad of solutions through meticulously designed learning programs, workshops, and engaging media channels like his talk show and podcast.
In the corporate realm, Tafiq is revolutionizing workplace wellness by introducing menopause awareness training and policy creation, helping businesses understand the social and economic impact of menopause. His approach is deeply empathetic yet infused with a sense of practicality and humor, making him a relatable and trusted figure in the lives of many. Whether he's delivering a keynote as a corporate wellness speaker, a leadership training, or providing one-on-one support, Tafiq's dedication to creating a supportive community for menopausal women and the people in their lives, is unwavering.
Team up with him on this journey to confidently embrace healthy aging, armed with the knowledge and tools to thrive during menopause and beyond.

Companies Who Trust Tafiq

Allison Lewin

Founder of MenoWar

"I attended Tafiq's training and thoroughly enjoyed it! Tafiq was engaging and knowledgeable - incorporating his training as a Menopause Champion with his vast knowledge of nutrition, health, and fitness. He focused on one of the most important aspects - raising awareness of menopause and educating those in the workplace so women in this life stage can get the support they need from those they work with, and companies can improve culture and retention. I would highly recommend others to engage with Tafiq on menopause workplace education!"

Nicole Mixdorff

Chief Executive Officer of Balance By Nature

"I have had the pleasure of partnering with Tafiq Akhir for six years. I am constantly blown away by his depth and breadth of knowledge about health, nutrition, hormonal balance, metabolism, and fitness. We always receive exceptional feedback from the participants of his wellness presentations, telling us what a great presenter he is and how beneficial the information is that he shares. Tafiq is professional, reliable, and an absolute pleasure to work with! I am a huge fan of everything he does and highly recommend him as a speaker, coach, and trainer."

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