Sugar is NOT your Friend

November 1, 2018

Well, you made it through another Halloween – did the neighborhood kids leave you with a full bowl of sugar-laden treats? Get rid of them – now! I mean, give them away, send them to the military overseas, trade them at the dentist’s office for a toy, or throw it away – anything besides eating yourself into a sugar coma. Sure, it may give you a temporary burst of energy (sugar high), but when it wears off you will likely feel sluggish, it can lead to fat gain, stomach pain and a whole host of other problems. Sugar is NOT your friend, especially if you are on your journey toward better health and overall fitness. 



Check out these sugar-related facts before you take one more bite of that chocolate bar:


1. Fructose can make your organs fat – that's right!!! Did you even know that was a “thing”? It triggers your liver to store more fat around the outside of the organ, which, left unchecked over time, could lead to non-alcohol related fatty liver syndrome. 


2. Sugar can lead to diabetes – “A PLoS One study found that for every extra 150 calories from sugar available per person each day, diabetes prevalence rises by 1.1%”.


3. Sugar can lead to heart disease and stroke – as a side effect of long term diabetes, excess sugar in your bloodstream leads to a hardening of the muscles around your blood vessels.


4. Sugar can lead to fatty liver – The Journal of the American Medical Association released a study that found a link between sugar increasing the liver’s storage of fat AND a decrease in the body’s ability to get rid of it.


5. Sugar can cause addiction – Just like a street drug, the more you have, the more you want. 


6. Sugar makes you ravenous – It messes with your ability to tell when you are hungry or full.


7. Sugar highs make for huge sugar crashes – it takes less than 30 minutes for your body to crash after a quick burst of energy from sugar.


8. Sugar can lead to depression – researchers have found a link between diets high in sugar content and depression.



Put down the candy bar and reach for some natural sugar found in whole fruit such as apples, berries and bananas. It won’t cause the same crash as artificial sugars and you’ll feel full longer. 

Are struggling with poor energy, health problems, weight gain or just not happy with the way you look and feel?


Learning how to eat, move and live in order to achieve sustainable fat loss and good health can be a challenge. Especially with all the inaccurate information being posted and shared  all over the place.


If you’d like to learn how to eat, move and live in a way that will boost your daily energy, reverse health problems, shed excess body fat, and have you loving the way you look and feel we can help at Tafiq’s Physiques.


Our whole body health and fitness services help our clients to not only look great on the outside. Our clients have balanced their hormones, reversed illness, been taken off medications, increased energy, improved sleep and improved mental clarity enabling them to feel AMAZING on the inside.


To learn more about our programs sign up for a FREE first-steps consultation.

In the consultation I want to learn all about you and your health and fitness goals. What you’ve struggled with, what you feel works well for you and where you would ultimately like your health and fitness to be. Then together we’ll go over the program options best for you and your needs to see if working together will be a good fit.


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