Introducing: The 4 Metabolic Physiotype Foundations

In our mid-40’s there are a series of metabolic and hormone changes that naturally happen to the body. There are specific changes in food, food amount, and food quality that will need to be during this stage of life. Every person ages differently, therefore, these specific changes will be individual to you and your personal metabolic and hormonal needs.

There are 4 different Foundations of Metabolic Physiotypes that are the basis for each persons nutrition, fitness and wellness prescription. I simply call them Foundation One, Foundation Two, Foundation Three, and Foundation Four.

In today's video here's a quick introduction the Tafiq's Metabolic Physiques Foundations enjoy!

Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to the different foundations to help you understand why one-size fits all diets aren't working for you.

Until next time, pease be safe and be well.


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