Maximizing Your Metabolism Over 40

February 15, 2020

Maximizing your metabolism is the key to shedding body fat, boosting energy and improving overall health. But, trying to do that without understanding your unique Metabolic Physio-type when your over 40,  is like walking down the street with a blindfold on. You are literally moving without knowing if you’re moving in the right direction. 


Most people attempt to transform their bodies by following one size fits all plans that don’t address the the specific needs of their own individual metabolism and hormones. This is the main reason that most nutrition programs fail, and why certain training programs lead to injury, excessive fatigue, and loss of motivation.


Stop wasting your time and energy going from one diet plan to the next, and hopping around from fitness studio to fitness studio doing as many different classes as you can. That is not the way to turn back the clock on your metabolism when you start experiencing the weight and health changes that begin to increase after 40.


The best thing you can do for your health and wellness is to get a  good understanding of your personal Metabolic Physio-type and the specific fitness and nutrition methods that are best for your personal needs .


You may love cycling 3 times per week. But if your metabolism and hormones are not responding, or even negatively responding to that form of exercise you should be doing something else.


At every stage of our lives we change how we eat and the types of physical activities that we do. It’s a natural progression.  Think about - from infant to toddler, new foods new activities. Toddler to child, new foods new activities. Child to teenager, new foods new activities. Teenager to young adult, new foods new activities. And even middle aged into the Golden years, new foods new activities. 


But for some reason, when we go from young adult to middle aged that is the only time we fight that change. We try doubling down and doing all the things we did when we were younger. More cardio or increasing the weights we use. Yo-yo dieting, fasting and cutting out food groups. And then we get frustrated and have no understanding of why the things that use to work aren’t working anymore. 


The reason is because you are entering a stage of life that requires a different approach to nutrition and fitness than what you did in your 20’s and 30’s. Most people see this change as getting old. And that is the problem. It’s not about getting old it’s about getting older. 


And you can be older without an expanded waistline, without chronic pain, without feeling old and without health problems. You can be incredibly fit, with abundant energy and great health. But you have to change the way you approach food and exercise in order to do so. And the key to knowing what is best for your body at this stage of your life is understanding the nutrition and fitness needs of your personal Metabolic Physio-type.


At Tafiq’s Physiques we specialize in 40+ health and wellness by focusing on the fitness and nutrition needs each persons Metabolic Physio-type.


After doing an in-depth    and assessment we will help you determine your unique physio-type and provide you with the nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coaching that is needed in order help you prevent or reverse the negative weight and health issues associated with aging.


With every new member that joins us at Tafiq’s Physiques they go through our 4-Week Metabolic Reboot that not only allows them to experience overtype of coaching a we offer. 


Our clients also learn about their personal physio-type and begin the process of eating, exercising and living for their own metabolism and hormones in order to reshape the body to look GREAT on the outside - while boosting energy and restoring health to feel AMAZING on the inside.


If you are over 40 and struggling to look and feel better we can help. Apply for a FREE consultation to come in and learn about our 4-Week Metabolic Reboot and all the services we offer that can help you turn back the clock on your metabolism.


In the consultation I won't try to sell you on anything. I will give you the facts and details about the programs we offer and from there YOU decide whether you’d like to become part of our fit family at Tafiq’s Physiques. Simple as that!


If you are serious about reshaping your body, restoring your health and renewing your life apply for your FREE consultation today.



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