Recovery Method - Sports Massage

June 20, 2019


Nothing says relaxation like the thought of your tight, sore muscles being kneaded into after a hard-core workout. Sports massages are an effective way to not only improve performance, but recover when you’ve pushed your body to the max. 


A sports massage differs from other massages because it focuses on muscles relevant to a particular sport, but it includes movements and techniques from other known massage methods, like Swedish massage. Sports massages can be done before or immediately following any physical activity and are also helpful during training or for rehabilitation. 

The goal is to reduce recovery time by reducing muscular tension, reducing soreness, preventing injury, promoting a state of relaxation and relieving increased muscle tone.


A masseuse has the magic touch. The pressure they apply warms the muscles and stretches the tissue in the area increasing blood flow around the area and reducing inflammation. A study found that increasing circulation decreased delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) by 30 percent. DOMS is the kind of extreme soreness you feel after exercising a muscle for the first time in a while. 


During a workout the muscles access to oxygen is limited. This depletion of oxygen causes muscle tightness. Tight muscles can result torn ligaments or a pulled muscle. A massage keeps the circulatory system running properly ensuring the muscles receive oxygenated blood preventing tightness. 


Low levels of oxygen also contribute to lactic acid build up which creates the muscle tension and tightness or knots in the muscle. A deep tissue massage focuses on these knots and helps break them down and their metabolic waste. Then, with a combination of proper hydration, your body will flush the waste and replace it with the oxygenated blood in those areas reducing lactic acid, though not completely eliminating it. 


Outside of the physiological benefits, research regarding sports massage has found psychological benefits including an increased sense of well-being, relaxation and decrease anxiety.  


If you’re feeling the effects of hard workout and your muscles are sore and tight, or you anticipate they will be a sports massage is not only an effective way to help you recover and relax, but it can also reduce the risk of injury. If you’re lucky enough to attend a gym that has an in-house masseuse we recommend making an appointment and finding out how they can help you. 


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