Office Workouts

If you’re one of the 86% of Americans that sit at a desk all day, you’re literally shaving years off your life. Sitting all day is terrible for our overall health. The risk for obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and muscular-skeletal disorders is increased, even if you work out regularly.

This is not a PSA to quit your office job, but rather a recommendation to make sure you make a conscious effort to move more during the day. Studies find you should change position every 8 minutes and take a two minute “moving break” twice an hour.

It may not be feasible for you to leave your office, but there are exercises you can do at your desk or in our cubicle to make sure you’re not becoming desk potato.

Switch out the chair for an exercise ball

Eliminating the chair and replacing it with an exercise ball is a great way to improve your balance and engage your core muscles. It can also be used during your breaks for additional exercises i.e. stand up against a wall putting the ball between you and the wall and do wall sits while you’re on a conference call or discussing a project with a co-worker.

Bring resistance bands to work with you

You can do bicep curls or overhead presses from the comfort of your desk, but you can also get up when during those two minutes breaks and squeeze in some additional resistance band exercises that work other areas like dumbbell lunges.

Take The Stairs/Park Far

If you work in an office building and take the elevator to your floor start taking the stairs. You can take the stairs on your way in, on your way out, and whenever you take a break. Another way to increase your movements is to park far away. Rather than taking the upfront parking find a spot in the back so you’re getting more steps in.

Workout on your lunch break

Lunch breaks should be used for eating, but you can also fit in a work out. If you’re meeting friends for lunch, walk there. If you’re staying in the office, take a walk around the building or get some stairs in.

Chair dips/squats/calf raises

These are all movements you can do without venturing far from the computer. If you’re following the recommended guidelines and taking a moving break for two minutes, twice an hour, you can utilize these exercises during those two minutes and get a couple of reps in.

Add these moves if you're stuck in the office all day to help you stay healthy and fit.

Yours in health and fitness,

Tafiq Akhir

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