How To Develop A Healthy Relationship With Food

What does this mean?

If you’re questioning whether you have a good relationship with food, think about your relationship with water. You drink water throughout the day, but there’s no pressure about how much to drink or when to drink. You drink when you’re thirsty. Most people have a natural relationship with water.

If you’re thinking about food every 5 minutes, if it’s always on your mind, and you watch the clock for lunch or snack time, then you probably don’t have a healthy relationship with food.

One way to help become healthier is to stop beating yourself up when you mess up or fall off the wagon. The key is to immediately dust yourself off and get back up on the wagon without skipping a beat.

A great analogy about this is something I read from a Registered Dietician and professor at the University of Western Ontario named Jennifer Broxterman. She says, “Look at eating like you look at brushing your teeth. Everyone has forgotten to brush their teeth here or there, but you normally don’t beat yourself up about. Not brushing your teeth once doesn’t lead to a spiral effect of not brushing your teeth for a week. But that is what often happens with food. Someone ‘cheats,’ and then this spirals into a week of bad eating.” So, instead look at those cheats the same way you you view forgetting to brush your teeth.

At Tafiq’s Physiques I believe it’s important to eat whole, unprocessed foods most of the time, but I also believes it’s equally as important to indulge guilt-free from time to time. But, “Guilt-free” is the key. It’s has also been shown that indulging from time to time can be healthy. Which makes sense, because preventing yourself from ever having a cheat meal will only lead to obsessing about all the food you can’t eat more than you should. I recommend having 1 cheat/indulgent meal per week. I personally do the same day each week so that I don’t inadvertently cheat more than once. 2 cheat meals per week should be the absolute max.

But the main point is, if you mess up, forget about it and move on.

If you are ready to overcome an unhealthy relationship with food we can help at Tafiq’s Physiques.

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