3 Basic Yoga Poses That Aid Mobility

As we get older mobility, flexibility and balance become more important than ever. They all tend to be the first things to decrease after 40, and yoga is a great way to help.

Here are 3 beginner yoga poses that you can do at 40 and beyond to aid in mobility.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward facing dog lengthens the hamstrings and calves, which tend to be very tight muscle groups for most. Opens up and strengthens the shoulders and back. Strengthens triceps while releasing tension in the neck. Stimulates whole body circulation.

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose can be an intense hip opener but effective for improving health of knees and lower back; relieves tightness of both areas. Also helps release emotional baggage.

Warrior One

Warrior one pose strengthens hips, quads, ankles, and shoulders. Helps increase the range of motion in the ankles and hips; especially for those who have suffered injuries in those areas.

Yoga has also been proven to reduce stress, reduce inflammation, and promote quality sleep, along with the mobility benefits of better balance and flexibility.


Ana teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga for all levels at 9am every Thursday at Tafiq’s Physiques.

To learn how you can join Ana’s class contact us at 323-848-4235 or apply for a FREE introductory training session with us HERE

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