3 Reasons to Come Train with us!

The fitness business is a competitive market!

But I’m confident tooting our own horn because we know we’re doing things better than most. Here’s why you should come train with us:

1. Community-Based

We’re not just a gym or fitness studio. We’re a community of friends who socialize together, both in and out of the gym. It’s a perfect community that supports, inspires and encourages each other, and who care about being fit and healthy for life.

2. Coach for Life!

We don’t throw our new clients right into the fire. We meet you where you’re at and work with you on your individual strengths and weaknesses to keep you safe and injury-free so you can continuously become more fit and healthy.

With us, you will have a personal coach for life to manage your health and wellness—a coach who is a highly skilled and trained coach, meaning our coaches are among the most qualified experts in the fitness industry. And it means your coach is a career coach and won’t abandon you to pursue a career elsewhere like other personal trainers you might have had—which is why we offer you a “coach for life.”

3. The Best Physical Preparedness for Life

Let’s compare what we do to some of the other popular fitness options out there…


Yoga is great. For some things. Namely for mobility. After 40 it is harder to maintain functional mobility, and that is a great benefit to the body. But that’s the crux of what it is: Stretching, coordination and balance. But, yoga alone won’t get you strong (many Yogis like to think it does, but 90 percent of the yoga enthusiasts I have personally worked with can’t do a proper push-up, and lack strength in many other areas). Yoga does not improve your cardiovascular endurance, speed, stamina or power. But using yoga as part of your health and fitness regimen can definitely be an amazing benefit.

Running and Cycling:

Running and cycling get an A + for cardiovascular endurance and stamina, but score poorly when considering strength (especially upper body strength), power, speed, coordination, flexibility etc… Running and cycling are considered one dimensional. Not only that, running is a recipe for overuse injuries—often in the IT-Bands, knees, calves, achilles—you name it!

Every single client I’ve worked with that enjoys running has experienced some physical issues as a result. Whether it’s their back, knees, hips or ankles. I haven’t had as many clients that do cycling complain of injuries, but they do complain of some back pain, all well as sore pelvic bones and sore coccyx from the uncomfortable seats. Something I have recommended to my clients is to make these leisure activities that you do once in a a while or on the weekend. By limiting the impact of running and cycling, and repeatedly impacting the same joints and muscles you can reduce the negative issues you may have experienced from these activities.

Bootcamps and Large Group Fitness:

Bootcamps and large group fitness classes have pretty much taken the place of traditional exercise classes. And they can be great, I taught these formats for many years. In bootcamps and large group classes you feed off the energy of others, they are often times less expensive, and for people that don’t want to make a commitment you can drop in for a 28-day or 6-week challenge and be done with it at the end.

The problem with bootcamps and large group classes is that the exercises and structure are pretty much one-size fits all. Often times beginners or less advanced members feel left out and out of place. There is limited personal attention, a much higher risk of injury, limited scheduling and can be geared towards more advanced level students. It’s also hard to reach and keep your health and fitness goals when you are making a short term commitment to a program.

What We Do Better At Tafiq's Physiques

At Tafiq’s Physiques we provide you with whole body health and fitness coaching that is useful fitness for life. We want you to have the ability to carry four bags of groceries up three flights of stairs with ease. We care about helping you maintain your mobility as you age, and about ensuring you can go skiing or hiking for an entire day when you’re 45 and when you’re 65. We want you to be the fittest person at your 30-year high school reunion, and the person whose still living independently at 85.

Our programs are structured to give you ALL the elements needed to be as healthy and fit as you can. With us, you will improve strength, speed, power, mobility, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, energy, confidence, youthfulness and good health.

If you’d like to learn more about the whole body health and fitness programs that can help you get and stay fit over 40 - come in for a FREE introductory session.

In the session we will discuss your health fitness goals, your challenges and strengths. We’ll also do a body composition analysis and fitness assessment. Then we’ll be able to give you the best option to help you achieve your goals.

To schedule your FREE introductory session sign up HERE

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