4 Reasons Fad Diets & Weight Loss Gimmicks Fail Over 40

#1- They make unrealistic claims.

Look, I know you’d love to lose twenty pounds in a week, but that just isn’t realistic. Safe weight loss is at the rate of no more than two pounds each week. Weight loss that is faster than that will cause your metabolism to slow down. After 40 the last thing you want is for your metabolism to get any slower. This only makes it easier for you to regain the weight after you return to your normal eating pattern, and most of the time people gain even more weight than they began with. Don’t follow any diet plan that promises unrealistic results.

#2 - They ask that you purchase special products.

There are no chemically enhanced food items or gimmicks needed for weight loss. Simply eat a balance of lean good quality protein, low glycemic carbohydrates (mostly vegetables) and healthy dietary fat with fruits and whole grains sprinkled in from time to time. Any program that expects you to give up healthy whole foods in exchange for manufactured ‘diet’ products simply will not work. It may also be detrimental to your overall health and the health of your hormones. Don’t follow any diet plan that asks you to by chemicals, pills or powder to substitute for real whole foods.

#3 - They eliminate whole food groups.

Any program that wants you to eliminate healthy food from your diet will set you up for failure and even risk your health. Your body requires an array of healthy foods; eliminating food groups causes you to lose out on nutrients that you need. At 40 and beyond our bodies need essential nutrients to combat loss of bone density, memory loss, digestion issues, fat gain and energy fluctuations. Don’t follow any diet plan eliminates entire food groups.

#4 - They have strict guidelines to follow.

Come on, we are humans, not robots. Who can really stick with a drastic diet schedule? If a program cannot be customized to fit your personal likes and dislikes as well as your schedule then you won’t stick with it. And when most people fall off the wagon in this instance, they fall hard and find it hard to get back up. Don’t follow any diet plan that restricts essential nutrients.

At Tafiq’s Physiques our “Diet Free” approach to fat loss teaches you how to eat real food to get real results. You’ll be eating delicious and nutritious foods everyday.

To learn about our programs and how we can help you with healthier food options that will help you get fit over 40 schedule a FREE consultation HERE!

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