4 Unhealthy Habits People Over 40 Should Stop Doing

Here are 4 unhealthy habits people over 40 should stop engaging in:

1. Being A Night Owl

Staying up late may have been something that worked for you in the past. But, as our hormones change, our metabolism slows down and our cognitive function decreases. Getting good quality sleep is imperative in order to enhance your metabolism, improve mental clarity, balance your hormones and repair the various systems within the body. Try to get 7 to 9 hours of sound quality sleep for optimal health and wellness at 40 and beyond.

2. Yo-Yo Dieting

As we age, especially after 40, our metabolism begins to slow down. Yo-Yo dieting not only damages your metabolism, it can also lead to nutritional deficiencies, hair loss, digestive issues, fatigue and memory loss. Choosing a nutrient dense diet that ensures you are consuming all your macronutrients will not only help you look better, you’ll improve your overall health and wellness as well.

3. Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast denies your body of key nutrients to start your day the right way. By avoiding breakfast you can cause blood sugar fluctuations that can negatively impact your energy. People who skip breakfast also tend to overeat and choose unhealthy food options later in the day. This can lead to various health issues and increased body fat.

4. Avoiding Weight Training

Weight and resistance training after 40 is crucial for optimal health and well being. Resistance training helps to strengthen the bone density that naturally decreases with age. It also helps to balance hormones, boost metabolism, improves cognitive function, increases strength and improves posture. If you’re new to strength training it’s always best to start with a certified personal trainer or a beginners strength training group fitness class to ensure you are doing the exercises properly so you don’t injure yourself.

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