Importance Of Balanced Nutrition

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Hey there, I’m Tafiq Akhir - whole body health and fitness specialist, personal fitness chef and owner of Tafiq’s Physiques. In this video I’m sharing the importance of balanced nutrition.

For optimal fat loss, good health, energy and over all well being you should consume 1 serving of protein, 1 serving of non-starchy carbohydrate, in the form of vegetables, and 1 serving of a healthy dietary fat at each main meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you want to add a starchy carbohydrate like bread, rice, pasta or potatoes you should consume a 1/2 serving of that starchy carbohydrate along with a 1/2 serving of a non-starchy carbohydrate to make your 1 single carbohydrate serving.

The fiber & digestive enzymes in the non-starchy carbohydrate will help to buffer the sugar conversion that happens in the body when you consume starchy foods. If you are only consuming starchy carbohydrate with your meals and you have a slow metabolism, health problems, poor energy throughout your day or you don’t exercise consistently this is the reason you are unable to successfully shed body fat and improve your health. Those starchy carbohydrates convert into sugar which are then converted into body fat.

Unless you are a runner who runs 4-6 times per week or someone who workouts out aggressively 4-6 times per week your body will not burn off the sugars that the starches turn into in your body. If those sugars are not burned off they turn into body fat.

So in order to shed fat, boost your energy, balance your metabolism and improve your health it is important to focus on balanced nutrition with every meal you eat.

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