5 Reasons The Ketogenic Diet May Not Be Right For You Over 40

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Hey there, I’m Tafiq Akhir, whole body health n fitness specialist, personal fitness chef and the owner of tafiq’s physiques - a whole body health and fitness company that specializes in helping women and men over 40 achieve their optimal health and fitness potential.

Every few years there some new or rebooted diet fad that sweeps the country. Adkins, South Beach, a few years ago it was Paleo and the newest is the Ketogenic diet. And of course everyone wants to jump on the new fad. The problem with these fad diets is that tons of people jump on the bandwagon and utilize these programs without any customization for their individual health and fitness needs.

And for those of us over 40 we have to be very careful about the plans we choose because our bodies don’t respond and recover from these one size fits all plans as easily as as we may have in the past. And since I’ve had so many clients and followers on social media ask about the Ketogenic diet and why we don’t focus on it at tafiq’s Physiques i want to share 5 Reasons A Ketogenic Diet May Not Be Right For You Over 40.

Reason #1: Not doing it correctly - if you are a woman in perimenopause, already in menopause or even have a weakened metabolism from years of yo-yo dieting. Or if you’re a man over 40 with decreased testosterone or in any stage of andropause your nutrient intake will be very different from someone who has not gone through these changes or has a weakened metabolism.

Your protein, vegetable, carb and dietary fat intake will also vary. In fact at different stages of a Ketogenic diet you will need to adjust your daily protein, carb and fat consumption based on the changes happening to your body. If you don’t know how to get the correct balance of nutrients each day and how to adjust those ratios for your personal bodies needs in the different stages of the ketogenie diet - you will actually cause your body to hold on to belly fat and keep your metabolism out of balance possibly making your weight and health issues worse.

Reason #2. Not Combining Keto with Intermittent Fasting - this is especially important if you have a slow metabolism or a slow thyroid. Intermittent fasting should be done gradually and and in the correct stages - after 40 especially - because you don’t want to trigger unnecessary stress on the body. Stress will effect your adrenal hormone which can trigger the belly fat hormone cortisol. This is why I always say don’t do one size fits all diets or fad diets. And especially don’t try to do them on your own because you could be doing it incorrectly and causing more harm than good.

Do these diets work for some people? of course they do. But you don’t know what those peoples personal hormones, metabolism and daily regimens are. Maybe the keto diet works for their personal needs. Maybe they are working with a nutrition professional that shows them how to get balanced nutrition based on those needs. The Keto diet and intermittent fasting protocols will work well for some but can be detrimental for others. So seek out the assistance of a health and fitness professional with credible nutrition and wellness expertise before choosing to start the keto diet or any other diet program.

Reason #3. You Have A Stressed or Fatty Liver - this will make it harder to produce the ketones that make the ketogenic diet successful. A stressed or fatty liver will inhibit growth hormone which is necessary for fat loss and improved health. So in order for Keto to work - you will need to do a nutrition and wellness program that will heal your liver first. And from my experience , clients who followed our liver enhancement program were able to boost their fat burning hormones, increase energy a and improve health without even doing a ketogenic diet after healing their liver.

Also, the way the body works is that it will work on getting rid of fat in the most detrimental places first. Because by nature the body wants to be healthy. So If you have a fatty liver, your body will release the fat in the liver or from around any other fatty organs before it will release the superficial fat in your belly, because fatty and unhealthy organs impact your health more than belly fat does.

Reason #4. Not Exercising Correctly - exercise is most beneficial to boost growth hormone, increase muscle toning, boost power and strength and improve over health. The combination of these things help to shed body fat and reshape the body. Doing intense drawn out workouts will be detrimental on a ketogenic diet. Doig whole body HIIT workouts will work best on a ketogenic diet after 40.

The reason is Because it gives your body bouts of rest between exercise sequences as not to cause continuous stress on the body. As I mentioned earlier stress will impact fat loss and health improvement. And that’s any kind of stress physical, mental or emotional. So exercising properly on a ketogenic diet is also a major factor in fat loss success.

Reason #5. Lack Of Sleep - sleep problems are a major deterrent for fat loss. When you sleep is when your body recovers and regenerates itself. So if you have health problems and aren’t sleeping you aren’t allowing your body to heal. If you are working out and not sleeping you aren't allowing your body to recover from exercise. And this lack of healing and recovery cause stress. And again I go back to what I discussed earlier. Stress will prevent fat loss, especially belly fat. And will inhibit your bodies ability to get healthier.

If you are suffering from sleep issues there are a number of different natural remedies for insomnia or poor sleep. At Tafiq’s Physiques we also provide our clients with tools to help improve sleep. But, If none of those work we encourage our clients and I encourage you to speak with your doctor about other options. Sometimes getting an adequate amount of sleep is all you need to trigger fat burning in your body.

Along with these 5 reasons that keto may not not be right for you over 40 is that you may have digestive issues from poor food choices, or taking medications that may have side effects that include inhibiting fat loss like statins, cholesterol meds and antidepressants, or you have other hormonal or health problems that inhibit your bodies ability to shed fat . Because as I said earlier, by nature your body wants to be healthy so your bodies primary goal is to improve health. So if you have any health issues - you need to focus on correcting those first before focusing on fat loss. And nearly every health problem there is can be improved through proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. And when you do that fat loss will be a natural byproduct.

At Tafiq’s Physiques we focus on whole body health and fitness which does just that. We not only help clients to look great on the outside. We help our clients balance their hormones, revers illness, increase energy and improve their overall health so that they feel amazing on the inside.

If you’d like to learn more about or Fit Over 40 programs at Tafiq’s Physiques you can schedule a consultation by clicking the link in the description section of this video.

I am committed to helping you get the body you ant and deserve and looking forward to sharing more tools in the future.

Until then, be well!

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