28 Day Healthy Holiday Challenge


Video Transcript:

The holiday season is upon us!

And in response to requests by several of my Facebook followers and friends I am launching a 28 Day Healthy Holiday Challenge*. Since the average American gains extra pounds between Thanksgiving and the New Year. 

Now is the perfect time to start preparing to make the changes you need to avoid that holiday bloat and prevent yourself from gaining holiday fat.

If you’re anything like most people, you’ve probably found yourself unbuttoning your pants over the holidays in the past. It just seems to sneak up on you! First it's Thanksgiving, and the next thing you know it’ll January and your clothes are all fitting a little tighter. That’s exactly why I’ve created a Done-for-You program that will prevent you from gaining holiday weight, avoid that holiday bloat, and maintain your energy the entire holiday season!

My 28 Day Healthy Holiday Challenge is starting Monday November 27th! This one is extra special and I’ve got some incredible things planned for you, and there are limited spaces available. 

So, if You Are Ready to:

  • KICK-START your Metabolism

  • Get Rid of Cravings


  • SLEEP BETTER at night

  • Learn how to enjoy holiday parties WITHOUT GAINING WEIGHT

  • and COMMIT to yourself for 28 Days….

Then NOW is the time to take action.

Click HERE NOW to Learn More! <----

My staff and I take your success as our personal mission and we are 110% committed to each and every person who trusts us with your health and fitness needs.

Today is the FIRST day I’m opening up the Healthy Holiday Challenge to sign ups!

I’m offering a special FAST-ACTION, Early Bird price for the first 10 people to register for this challenge. 

If you’re ready to make a change, then CLICK HERE to take the first step to reach your goals.

If you have any questions or want to make sure this challenge is for you, then simply reply back to this email or call me at 310-591-9064


P.S. Don’t miss your opportunity to join the program! . If you’re on the fence about joining, just give me a call and I’ll help answer any questions you have. 310-591-9064

*Special discounted challenge rate applies to current Tafiq's Physiques members, please inquire by giving us a call.

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