5 Ways To Improve Your Health & Wellness

Throughout your lifetime there are various health and wellness obstacles you'll encounter.

It's important to keep your body healthy and fit, in order to get around those obstacles.

So today I’m sharing 5 Ways To Improve Your Health & Wellness!


When you don’t get the proper amount of rest, you’re more likely to have less energy. This can lead to hunger and prompt you to over eat.

Sleep deprivation also has a negative affect on focus, mental clarity and productivity. It can even slow down the metabolism, which is the key component for effective fat loss.


1 serving of soda has almost 10 tsp of sugar, when an actually serving size of sugar is only 1 tsp.

Millions of Americans are hooked on soda, energy drinks, or some other overly sweetened beverage.

Liquid calories are a major contributor to weight gain and poor health.


One of the biggest secrets to successful weight loss is to eat a healthy breakfast!

When you skip breakfast, you’ll increase the probability of excessive hunger by mid-morning.

As a result, snacks and over-sized lunches are usually eaten to satisfy your hunger pangs.


Throw out the refined sugar and replace it with more wholesome options.

With wholesome, real food sweeteners you’ll take in fewer calories. They also have less of an impact on your blood sugar.

Easily accessible wholesome sweeteners include: coconut sugar, raw honey, pure maple syrup and pitted dates.


To speed up fat loss and keep the fat away, add or increase the amount of daily physical activities you do.

When you make getting physical a normal part of your everyday routine, you're more likely to stick with it.

Move your body often and effectively for fat loss and good health.

Try making some of these healthier lifestyle changes in order to shed fat, get fit and improve your health.

The more often you do them the more likely they are to become a part of your daily lifestyle habits.

I’m Tafiq Akhir, America’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach and the creator of Diet Free Academy.

Thank you for trusting me to help you reshape your body, restore your health and renew your life.

If you like my videos please show your support by simply sharing them with your friends, family and colleagues.

And you can subscribe on my website Tafiq.com for more nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle support.

Until next time…be well!

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