4 Keys To Fat Loss Success

You cannot out train poor nutrition…period.

When it comes to shedding body fat. Choosing nutrient dense foods that are minimally processed is the best way to achieve fat loss success.

So today I'm sharing the 4 keys to successful fat loss.

#1 Portion Control.

Eating the proper serving size is imperative for fat loss success.

It's also a good idea to measure your food in order to reach your health and fitness goals

# 2 Meal Tracking.

Studies have proven that you increase your chances of fat loss success by 30% when you journal your food.

When you properly monitor your food choices, it ensures that you'll be consistent, and helps you stay on track.

#3 Drink Water.

Water helps to flush out toxins that promote fat storage, and is a key element in helping to tone up your midsection.

Drinking water also keeps all your cells hydrated to prevent thirst, which is often times confused with hunger.

# 4 Have A Cheat Meal.

Indulging at one meal per week helps to keep you satisfied, and prevents you from feeling deprived.

NOTE: That's one cheat MEAL per week, NOT and entire cheat day.

Your food choices will account for 80% of your fat loss success.

So no matter how much you workout, if you are not making healthier eating habits a way of life. You'll be hard pressed to achieve the sexy fit physique you desire.

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Until next time…be well!

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