Changing Your Bad Habits

Self awareness is extremely important when embarking on a weight loss journey.

Its important to be honest about who you are with regard to your habits.

Being honest about yourself will help you to know your capabilities and your limitations with regard to setting and planning your weight loss goals. When you're being real with yourself you will have no problem taking responsibility for your actions.

It's about owning your bad habits in order to transform them in to better habits.

No one knows you better than you know yourself. So be real with yourself and start identifying your bad health and fitness behaviors

  • Do you easily give in to food temptations?

  • Do you quit before you reach your goal?

  • Do you put in as little effort as possible?

Or maybe you have other bad habits like procrastination, avoidance, being easily distracted, lack of commitment or lack of motivation.

Whatever they are, in order to effectively move forward you need to hone in on those bad behaviors and own them.

Once you narrow in on your bad behaviors you will most likely see that you've created a patten.

And when you have that same type of pattern occur each time that you try to make healthier lifestyle choices. Not achieving your healthy lifestyle goal is inevitable.

It's important to change those bad habits into good habits in order to stop repeating the pattern.

Bad habits are formed from a trigger that basically gets the ball rolling. Then there's the behavior and often times theres a reward for the behavior. It could be a sugar high, comfort… anything that gives you a sensation of pleasure or relief that feels either enjoyable or satisfying.

It's because of that reward that you repeat the cycle and it becomes a pattern.

No matter what it's in relation to. Whether it's food, fitness or a lifestyle habit. Recognize what your bad habit is. Pinpoint the trigger then change the trigger.

Set up new triggers for yourself that promote healthier habits in order to achieve the results you desire.

“good habits are as just addictive as bad habits, good habits are just a lot more rewarding.”

Identify your bad habit and break down the anatomy of that bad habit by honing in on the trigger. Change the trigger to promote a healthier habit for a healthier reward, subsequently creating a healthier pattern.

I’m Tafiq Akhir, America’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach and the creator of Diet Free Academy.

I hope you’ve found this video helpful.

Its my pleasure to provide fitness, nutrition and wellness support that can enable you to become as healthy and fit as you can be.

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