4 Fat Loss Motivators

Hey There, Im Tafiq Akhir America’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach and creator of Diet Free Academy.

A simple fact of human nature is that if we want something badly enough, we’ll do everything we can to get it.

So why is that some studies have found that almost 90% of people who begin a fat loss program tend to quit following it within the first month.

What is it about sticking with a fat loss plan that causes so many people abandon it?

The answer of course is Motivation.

And in todays episode I’ll share 4 motivators to help keep you committed to your fat loss plan.

The challenge in sticking with a fat loss plan is finding out how to motivate yourself to follow through.

Well, you do not have to be part of that 90 percent who quit. You can stay committed and achieve fat loss success. It is all about figuring out your personal motivation.

Here are 4 possible motivators to help keep you on track.

1. Do it for your health.

Excess body fat is the primary contributor to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain and various other health problems.

You can develop a strong healthy heart, reduce your chances of many cancers, prevent diabetes, keep a sharp mind and avoid many of the common issues associated with being over weight by shedding excess body fat. The key to this is eating well and getting an adequate amount of exercise everyday.

2. Do it to look better.

Although appearance isn’t everything, most of us do care how we look. A strong, lean and healthy body looks good. But it isn’t all just physical. When we look better, we feel better about ourselves. We have more energy, there’s a confident pep in our step and we tend to be more out going.

3. Do it to relieve stress.

Exercising and reducing body fat really do cause physical changes in your brain and nervous system that results in feelings of calmness and well-being. In fact, you may get so hooked on the mental benefits of exercise and fat loss that you will actually enjoy the process of losing weight.

4. Do it for your loved ones. A sad but true fact is that people who are over weight have a shortened life span. They are also, typically, less active and are unable to physically do things with family and loved ones that they’d like to.

Although there are no guarantees when it comes to how long any of us will be here. Why speed up the process by being unhealthy and over weight?

And wouldn’t it make you feel good to run around with your kids, go hiking, go on a bike ride and do other activities with your friends and family without feeling exhausted or being in pain?

And don’t you want your loved ones to experience the best version you?

These are just a few ways to motivate yourself to stick to a fat loss and fitness plan.

Find what will work for you and do what it takes to get yourself motivated. Find out what makes shedding fat and getting fit worth it. Find out what you want more than you want that brownie.

After all your health is at stake; in fact, your life is at stake.

And if you still aren’t sure how to get started I’m here to help you every step of way!

I have free videos that can hep you reach your goals and I have programs and products that can guide you step-by-step to fat loss success.

Just head over to my website Tafiq.com and reach out to me to help you find everything you need.

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I look forward to sharing more health, fitness and fat loss support with you in future videos.

Until then…please be well.

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