How Visualization Can Help Fat Loss

Hey There, Im Tafiq Akhir America’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach and creator of diet free academy

Visualization, when done right, can be extremely powerful in achieving your fat loss goal.

Use your imagination to see yourself already in possession of your goal. Picture yourself with the healthy and fit body you desire, and literally feel what it’s like to have it.

You cannot achieve anything in your “outer world” until you first see and believe it’s possible in your “inner world.”

In todays episode I’ll share how fat loss visualization leads o it’s actualization

All things are created twice – first in our imagination and then as a physical manifestation.

Somewhere inside all of us is a seed of achievement waiting to be awakened ….put into action, and to carry us to to places that we may never have hoped or tried to achieve.

But we have the power to motivate, to achieve, to transform and to reshape ourselves if we believe we can.

Two things you can start doing today to help motivate and bring out the self belief in yourself is to create an affirmation statement and to visualize yourself as if you’ve already achieved your fat loss goal.

Put your affirmation statement on your bathroom mirror, in your car, at the front door or on your desk....anywhere you’ll set it often.

Then can also Create a Vision Board – cut out pictures of your goal (people with fit bodies, an outfit you want to get into, a picture of yourself when you felt as if you were at your best, anything that is a visual depiction of your goal.

Make a collage that you can view often or even do it on your computer and make it your screensaver or desktop image.

Self belief is the key to fat loss fact it’s the key to any success. You have to believe it in order to achieve it.

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Until then…please be well.

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