Maintaining A Healthy Thyroid For Fat Loss...

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I’m Tafiq Akhir, America’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach and the creator of Diet Free Academy.

Did you know the thyroid controls your metabolism and is one of the primary factors in converting food into energy?

Having a stressed or out of balance thyroid can negatively affect just about every aspect of your health.

In todays episode I’m sharing how you can maintain a healthy thyroid for BOTH fat loss and good health

There are two thyroid issues that affect people in negative ways. Hypothyroidism, which is when the body does not make enough thyroid hormone. And Hyperthyroidism, which is when your body makes too much thyroid hormone.

A person with hypothyroidism can suffer from various ailments including constipation, feeling tired or weak, high sensitivity to cold temperatures and foggy brain or memory.

Individuals with hyperthyroidism can suffer from ailments like, thinning hair & hair loss, unexplainable weight loss, frequent bowel movements, moodiness, rapid heart beat and shaky hands.

It’s important to know that you could also have some of these symptoms without having a hypothyroid or hyperthyroid diagnosis. An imbalance does not necessarily mean that the thyroid is damaged. A stressed or out of balance thyroid is what happens before the thyroid becomes damaged. So this is the optimal time to reverse the negative affects.

Thyroid imbalances can be caused by viral infections, side effects of drugs like lithium and can even be a bi-product of yo-yo dieting, frequent cleanses and juice fasting.

Those things can actually aggravate the thyroid by adding a negative stress to the metabolism. Some can also deplete necessary vitamins and minerals and throw off other hormones which can inadvertently affect the thyroid as well.

In order to reverse these affects a person suffering from thyroid imbalance should follow specific nutrition protocols that are geared towards healing and balancing the thyroid.

Here are some things you can do if you believe you are suffering from a stressed or out of balance thyroid

Eat tons of vegetables

But be sure to eliminate the consumption of Cruciferous vegetables because they can deplete iodine and iodine is needed for healthy thyroid function. Cruciferous veggies include kale, cabbage, broccoli, , cauliflower and brussels sprouts. Once your thyroid is back in balance you can slowly add them back into your eating plan.

Decrease your consumption of protein

When there is a thyroid imbalance the persons metabolic rate is slow and their system cannot tolerate large amounts of protein. Note - I did not say eliminate protein, just decrease the amount you typically consume, aim for about 3oz.

Decrease dietary fat

An imbalanced and sluggish thyroid cannot break down fat properly. So go light on the fats.

Get your iodine

When there is a thyroid imbalance the body needs iodine. Eggs, yogurt, meat, fruit and cheese can provide the needed iodine. You can also include sea kelp and alfalfa for added iodine as well.

Snack wisely

People with thyroid imbalances tend to crave sugar. Although you should be decreasing protein and fat at main meals.

Having snacks that are mainly composed of protein and healthy fat like seeds or nuts will help you maintain a a steady blood sugar which will prevent sweet cravings. Just besure not to consume more than 1/4 cup at one sitting.

It’s also important to avoid starchy carbs, simple carbs and processed foods because they will fluctuate blood sugar and increase sweet cravings.

If you are unsure whether you have a thyroid imbalance - don’t worry, I can help. Take my fat burning quiz by clicking the link in the description section of this video. Your responses will give me a few more essential details that will help me determine where your imbalance are most prevalent. Then I can help you on a FREE 15 minute coaching call so that you can start getting your body back in alignment.

In order to correct any hormonal imbalance you have to pinpoint the imbalance first so that you can make the correct nutritional and physical changes needed.

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