What You Should Know About Adrenal Fatigue

Hey there, I’m Tafiq Akhir, America’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach and the creator of Diet Free Academy.

Now, You may or may not have heard of Adrenal Fatigue. And unless you are suffering from it, you most likely don’t not know what it is either.

Adrenal fatigue is actually one of the 4 primary areas of imbalance that I cover in my Diet Free Academy program. And understanding it is important because it is believed that 80% of American’s will be affected by an adrenal imbalance at some point in their lives.

In todays episode I’ll be sharing what you should know about adrenal fatigue.

The primary purpose of the adrenal glands is to produce hormones that counteract stress, and that would be any kind of stress.

Every type of stress influences these glands—whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. So it could be caused by an injury, infection, dealing with divorce, financial stresses, job stress, people drama, medications, surgery, your menstrual cycle…ANYTHING that causes you to feel stressed.

AND… The adrenals are responsible for various bodily functions ranging from immune system support to counteracting inflammation. They even play a part in supporting our heart rate and our sleep cycles.

The adrenal glands are located above the kidneys and are responsible for dozens of different hormones that are essential for our lives.

  • Among these are cortisol (which is also known as the belly fat hormone)

  • Adrenaline (the fight or flight hormone)

  • Progesterone( the female hormone that plays a big part in pregnancy, menstruation and sexual desire)

  • Testosterone ( the primary male hormone that responsible for men’s reproductive health as well as muscle, bone mass, and the growth of body hair)/

Each of these hormones also play an important role in fat loss and energy.

And since the adrenal glands regulate so many other important hormones as well, being balanced is critical FOR energy, fat loss and many other essential bodily functions.

It’s during periods of prolonged high stress situations as well as chronic bouts of illness, that the adrenals get over worked and their ability to maintain health and well-being begin functioning below the level of good health. Which is what leads to adrenal fatigue.

Here are 8 common symptoms associated with people suffering from adrenal fatigue.

  1. Joint pain

  2. Feeling tired for no reason

  3. Mid-section weight gain

  4. Mid-afternoon sleepiness

  5. Puffy round face

  6. Decreased sex drive

  7. Mild Depression

  8. Foggy Memory

Although these are just some of the symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue, if you are suffering from 2 or more of them at the same time…you could possibly have an adrenal imbalance that should be addressed immediately.

If you have any interest in learning more about your adrenal health…take my fat burning quiz to set up a FREE 15 minute coaching call. The one-one- session with me is completely FREE, just click HERE to schedule your call.

Treatment for adrenal fatigue varies depending on the level of your imbalance and the primary cause. But in every case focusing on making changes to your daily lifestyle and your diet are the key to healing the imbalance.

Keep in mind that the level of your imbalance will also determine how long it will take for the imbalance to heal. But the longer you wait to address it the more you’ll prolong the symptoms which can actually lead to more dire health problems. So schedule your FREE coaching call today HERE.

In the meantime here are some areas that you can work on to start healing your imbalance on your own. And if you cannot relate to any of the symptoms I mentioned earlier implementing these tools wouldn’t hurt for you either. In fact they could ensure that your adrenals stay healthy and strong.

Stress Management:

Stress management is imperative. This may mean anything from eliminating relationships that aren’t working, learning how to appropriately manage your time or adjusting your schedule to take a little time for yourself.

Get Enough Sleep:

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep is extremely important. What’s more important is getting into a rem sleep which is when you’re adrenal glands are able to best repair themselves . This is typically when the body is in it’s deepest sleep.

I highly recommend eliminated the consumption of caffeine after 11am. The later you consume caffeine the more apt you are to have problems with your sleep cycles . if you can eliminate the consumption of caffeine all together…that would be even better.

Get Appropriate Exercise:

Exercise helps to increase blood flow throughout the body, it regulates cortisol levels and studies have even found that it can relieve depression.

Now although exercise is good for you It is extremely important not to over do it. remember as I mentioned earlier, any stress, even physical stress can contribute to adrenal imbalance and prevent an expedient recovery.

If you believe you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue, don’t let it scare you. You can begin the recovery process by making alterations to your life by implementing the changes I recommend in this video.

And to learn more about how you can help heal your adrenal glands even faster schedule your FREE coaching call HERE today!

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