Why Diets Fail

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So here is the harsh truth my friends...DIETS DON'T FAIL PEOPLE…PEOPLE FAIL DIETS

The majority of "diets" that are on the market cut out foods or food groups which in turn makes you reduce your calorie intake. When you start a "diet" they typically recommend that you include some sort of exercise program so that you are increasing physical activity as well. Which makes sense, less food plus more activity equals fat loss, that in itself is a winning combination. It's also what I mean when I say that diets don't fail people. For the most part they are fail proof.

The problems comes with whether the "diet" you have chosen is most beneficial for your nutritional needs and most importantly, your lifestyle.

Most people don't think about their habits, culture, schedule, work environment, peers, family dynamics or economic status when they decide to go on a "diet". And that's because most people that diet do so in order to simply lose fat fast. The problem with the word "diet" is that it automatically puts a subconscious connotation in our minds that it is a temporary plan.

The word "diet" is derived from the Latin word Dieta which means: “a manner of living or a way of life”. If you where to "diet" with that definition in mind, you would know that a "diet" is not a quick fix plan to drop 10 pounds in order to fit into a dress or skinny jeans in a few weeks. You would realize that with a "diet" the foods you choose to eat are only part of the equation. And they are a part that you should follow for a lifetime.

People fail diets not only because they are choosing diets that are unrealistic to sustain, but it's also because they don't continue to follow the "diet" for a lifetime.

I don't know how many times a student has told me "I've tried every diet on the market and nothing works for me"…well guess what?…that's the problem. If your trying every diet on the market then that means you haven't followed a REAL diet yet. As previously mentioned a diet is a way of life or a manner of living. If your way of living is switching from one diet to the next, no wonder none of them have worked for you.

So when you choose a diet keep in mind that you should pick one that you can realistically make a part of your daily lifestyle for the long haul.

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