5 Keys To Sexy Flat Abs

Strong, toned well defined abs seem to be the pinnacle of fitness in most peoples eyes. But, along with the aesthetic benefits of having a strong, well developed set of abs, you will also improve your balance and reduce the risk of back pain and injury.

I'd like to share my 5 keys to getting the sexy flat abs you've always wanted.

These are the 5 keys to flat sexy abs


In order for those abdominal muscles to show, you especially need to lose excess body fat from around your mid section. You will need to drastically reduce, if not totally eliminate, the consumption of empty calories from processed, refined and sugary foods.

Instead consume nutrient dense foods and follow a nutrition plan that is suited for your specific goals. By consuming the correct portions of nutrient dense foods you will boost your metabolism and maximize your bodies fat burning power.


Some people simply are not physically capable of developing deep cut six-pack abs. That does not, however, mean that you can’t have a nice flat stomach with visible muscle tone. A sexy flat, toned stomach not only looks great but will improve your posture, decrease low back pain, reduce the risk of injury and improve balance. Reducing belly fat also minimizes the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep apnea, various forms of cancer, and other degenerative diseases.

Maybe a deep cut six pack is not in your future, but you can definitely have a tight toned midsection that still turns heads


Add non-traditional abdominal exercises to your workout routine. Change angles, do twists, work your lower abdominals, obliques, lower back and hip flexors. Every angle of your abdominals count, and you will benefit by working them in every way possible.


Force your core to work from the inside out by incorporating stabilization and balancing exercises into your workout regime. Standard planks, side plank, crossovers, bird dogs, one leg twists and a number of other balance and stabilization exercises will both, challenge and strengthen your core.

In next weeks episode of Tafiq TV I will sharing a core workout to help you get the abs you want. The 6 minute ab workout will challenge every part of your core and help you develop stronger , leaner abs by incorporating these types of movements with traditional ab exercises.


By developing lean muscle tone throughout your entire body you will increase your overall body fat reduction. Strength training will build lean muscle tone which will help boost your metabolism so that you are burning fat long after you are finished working out. Adding high intensity interval training is another great form of exercise that will allow your body to burn high amounts of calories over a longer period of time.

Getting the abs you want is going to take more than just sit ups and crunches. You have to train your abs as part of your whole body through proper nutrition, exercise variations and hard work.

By using the information I’ve shared today… you will definitely be on your way to having the abs that you want.

Thank you for taking to moment to spend some time with me and I look for to helping you reshape your body, restore your health and renew your life.

Until next time…Im Tafiq Akhir and this is Tafiq TV

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