Avoid Holiday Weight Gain (Holiday Survival Guide)

Whether you're ready or not. It's here. Retailers are putting up the decorations and the sales have begun. They like to call it ‘holiday season' but let's be more accurate. Weight Gain season starts now and goes just until after the New Year. The next two months will bring tons of opportunity for you to expand your waistline, increase your weight and negatively impact your health. Its your choice as to whether or not you're going to prevent that from happening I bring it up now because this is the perfect opportunity to plan for the weeks ahead. Once the craziness begins, you'll be too busy to put a plan into action. There's no time like the present. So let's take this moment of clarity, the calm before the storm if you will, to outline a two-part plan that will save your waistline from unwanted holiday inches. Part One: The Exercise Plan. Exercise is the first thing people tend to cut when they get busy. This year, I encourage you to obligate yourself to exercise. Make the promise to yourself that you won't slack off, and if you need an extra push…tell a friend, co-worker or family member. By sharing your commitment it helps to give you even more accountability.

There are a few options that can help you stay on track:

  • You can sign up with a fitness coach. And as fitness professionals its our job to give you the attention and assistance that you need to power through the holidays in better shape than ever - by encouraging you to stay motivated through inspiration and personal guidance.

  • You can also join a group fitness class. Many people aren't as good exercising on their own during the busy holiday season, and if you're one of those people you should join a class for accountability. Find something challenging that gets your heart rate elevated and that also uses strength training to boost your bodys fat burning power.

  • Get a serious exercise buddy - Friends can actually be an awesome help during the holidays. Now don't get me wrong, there are also those friends that will end up pulling you down. But for the friends who actually want to stay on track as much as you do…having a support system can be extremely beneficial for both of you.

When looking for an exercise buddy here's a few things to consider: - Do they share similar fitness goals? - Are they fairly encouraging or do they give up easily?

- Are they flaky or do they keep their word?

There are a number of things to consider…. so make sure its someone thats going to motivational and not detrimental to your health goals.

Part Two: The Diet Plan. The holidays offer a plethora of opportunities for you to indulge, so you need to solidify some guidelines before hitting the holiday dinners and parties. I'm not saying that you shouldn't indulge in any holiday treats, I'm simply saying to use moderation. Don't use the holidays as an excuse to eat until the point of being uncomfortable - as we all tend to do. Especially at Thankgiving which is a few weeks away. Think about past holidays…in the moment the food tastes great. But if you're really honest with yourself the uncomfortable, overly stuffed, bloated feeling you get from overeating doesn't quite seem worth it after the fact .

A good thing to do is to decide which treats you're going to cut out this year. Don't indulge in every pie, every cake and every cookie you encounter. Take a stance now and choose a fattening or sweet food that you vow to avoid this year. When faced with a buffet line or at dinner parties, load your plate first with greens, vegetables and lean meats before getting breads and heavier foods. Everywhere you go during the holiday season brings you face-to-face with a plate of sweets. To avoid being a bore but without adding inches to your waist, try the one treat rule. Each time you're in a social situation that involves sweets just eat one, and enjoy your treat slowly. You don't have to gain weight this holiday season. The key is your mindset. If you approach the holidays with the mindset of, 'I deserve to indulge and I shouldn't have to exercise' then you'll enter 2015 several pounds heavier, a little less healthy, and with a lot less energy than ever before. I believe that you deserve better. I believe that you should enter 2015 in better shape than you are today, healthier than you've been in a long time, and with more energy than you thought possible. So kickstart your mindset in a healthier direction for this coming holiday season staring right now. Pick one sweet or fattening food that you're going to steer clear from this holiday season. Share it with me by simply write it in the comments section below. Remember earlier, when I stated to make a promise to others so that you won't slack off. Well this is your opportunity to make that promise and and keep your head in a healthier holiday mindset. Take this first step and write it below.

I hope that you've found this episode of Tafiq TV helpful and that you'll share it with your friends, family and colleagues. Be sure to subscribe below so that you don't miss a single episode.

Until next time I'm tafiq Akhir and this is Tafiq TV!

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