The liver has over 500 different functions, including working with your immune system, detoxifying chemicals, and building proteins and hormones. If you counted the cells in the liver, you’d have 50,000-100,000 units of cells that are doing all the work.


The worst advice you could get for a stressed and out of balance liver is to eat and drink everything in moderation, because one alcoholic drink could take four days for your liver to recover. You can’t heal the liver if you do things in moderation such as alcohol. Let the liver recover completely by staying away from alcohol.


The 14-day enhancement shows you how to eat the foods that will heal the liver wil avoiding the foods that will stress and damage the liver.


Clients have not only been able to cleanse their liver. Some have reversed life long skin issues, eliminated digestive disorders, increased daily energy, boosted metabolism and imprved cognitive function.

14-Day Liver Enhancement

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