Menopause Awareness In The Workplace

Are You Ready To Address Menopause In Your Workplace?

Is your company equipped to respond to menopause challenges in the workplace? 

Did you know the workplace can exacerbate menopause symptoms and negatively impact your staff members? 

Or that menopause falls under age, health, gender, safety, diversity, equity, and inclusion, amongst other things?

Not to mention the menopause-related safety risks and other workplace factors that are the employer's responsibility.

Why Is A Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Training & Policy Important?

Women over 40 are the fastest-growing workforce demographic, yet over 20% of those women quit their jobs or are let go because of menopause symptoms.

Supporting menopausal employees in their roles helps them preserve their health, boosts morale, and improves productivity by providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive working environment. It also provides managers,  supervisors, HR directors, and colleagues with the knowledge, self-assurance, and resources needed to support valued employees as they manage menopause at work when needed.

Become A Menopause Approved Company

Along with the Mr. Menopause seal of approval from my signature Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Training and guidelines, I have partnered with the Menopause Experts Group as a certified and licensed menopause champion offering the award-winning and renowned Advantage accredited training, which guides managers, supervisors, HR directors, and all staff members to establish a menopause-friendly workplace that is supportive and inclusive of all employees.

This training is NOT just for managers, supervisors, and HR directors. Participation by any staff member interested in learning how they can help eliminate workplace anxiety around menopause in support of their colleagues should be encouraged.

Establishing a comprehensive menopause awareness training and policy for your company not only helps to retain and attract valued talent.

By proudly posting your Mr. Menopause Approved and Menopause Experts-approved badges on your website and social pages, you show that your company upholds your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and that you value the contributions of your female employees.

The best part is that supporting staff members experiencing menopause at work by establishing Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Training and Policy does not have to be complicated.

8 Reasons To Include A Menopause Awareness Training & Policy For Your Company Now!

You don’t really know how to start talking about menopause with staff, colleagues, and peers.

You think you’re doing enough but there could be more but you don’t know what.

You feel embarrassed at the thought of having a menopause conversation.

You have no idea what menopause is or how it impacts your entire organization.

You want to better understand how the organization can help women through this life-altering stage of their careers.

You think it’s time to address menopause in your workplace, but you aren’t sure how to protect women’s privacy, and avoid feeding gendered ageism, in the process.

You’re interested in learning more about menopause in the workplace, the benefits it offers and how your company can support valued talent during menopause.

You already know that becoming menopause-friendly will strengthen gender equality and inclusion, amongst other great benefits.


Learn How To Get A Menopause Awareness In The Workplace

Training & Policy For Your Company?

Lets get on a call to discuss your company and menopause awareness needs.

I'll share the different options and make my recommendations and take it from there.

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 Endorsed by Licensed Menopause Expert Tafiq Akhir,

Mr. Menopause® in partnership with the Menopause Experts Group®

Who Is The Training For?

  • All genders (Women, men, non-binary and trans)

  • Managers and supervisors

  • HR directors and professionals

  • People in charge of leadership development for women in the workplace, DEI, and workplace wellness.

  • Any interested staff member

What Will Participants Gain?

  • To Understand What Menopause Is

By understanding what menopause is, the various ways it impacts women on a daily basis and the types of reasonable workplace adjustments that can create a more supportive and inclusive working environment for ALL employees.

  • To Be Clear About Your Organizations Responsibilities

Gain a clear understanding about the responsibilities of the workplace, managers and of employees as it relates to menopause awareness in the workplace.

  • To Gain Confidence About Menopause At Workplace

Feel more confident and knowledgable in having a comfortable, constructive, and inclusive workplace conversations that will support women’s effectiveness, safety, and personal well being at work.

  • To Create Better Awareness About Menopause At Work
    Be more aware of the cultural stereotypes, outdated information, and false biases that stigmatize this natural stage of life that every woman or person labeled female at birth will experience between 40 and 60 years of age, give or take.

You’ll discover that an aware and menopause friendly workplace is beneficial for everyone as some of the top issues that menopausal women struggle with at work include fatigue, sleep issues including insomnia, mental health symptoms like depression, and memory loss which can also impact various areas of your entire workforce.

The Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Training integrates seamlessly with any frameworks already in place to support healthy aging, mental and emotional health, productivity, and team-building, as well as any diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives your company may be considering including as part of your employment package.



Ready To Include A Menopause Awareness In The Workplace

Training & Policy For Your Company?

Lets get on a call to discuss your company and menopause awareness needs.

I'll share the different options and make my recommendations and take it from there.

Click the button below for my calendar page to schedule your call today!



Here's What Is Included:

  • Live Presentations/Web-Classes
    Introductory menopause in the workplace presentation and training kickstarts the month's “live” web class series. New 45 min-1 hour training each month for six months. The option to renew every six months can be discussed.

  • Proven Resources For Menopause Management & Symptom Relief
    Access to a variety of proven menopause symptom relief tactics and resources. eBooks, recipes, stress management tips, the best exercise for women over 40, healthy aging, and more.
  • Unlimited Support
    Unlimited email and community group support from Tafiq and other members during the program via Zoom, and group chat (via membership page/app).

  • Private Community & Support Group
    A private online forum will allow you to meet other workplace practitioners and tap into their experience.

  • Feedback & Follow Up
    Personalized feedback on your assignment if you choose. 
  • Menopause In the Workforce e/Learning Program
    A self-paced, broad-eye view of menopause in the workplace and how all employers and employees can make menopause work in the workplace. Each session includes a short video ( 3 – 10 min max), downloadable pdf fact sheet, quizzes to reinforce learnings, and some sessions include a takeaway exercise to translate learning into action.
  • 3-Months Of Additional Access To All Program Materials
    After completing the program, you can access all the materials and recorded web classes for three additional months. 

Additional Resources Include:

Mr. Menopause Guide To Managing Stress At Home & Work

I created this ebook to help my menopausal clients understand how chronic stress affects their health and their results. When you understand exactly how stress impacts your system, it can help spur you to take action to find ways to “Destress” and manage it more effectively. Your body has built-in tools to help you manage stress, and this guide will teach anyone, with or without menopause, how you can tap into them.


Tafiq Akhir's Metabolic Menopause Makeover Guide

Tafiq Akhir 's Metabolic Makeover Guide, outlines how various areas of metabolic distress cause many of the symptoms women experience during menopause, and aging in general. Learn the step-by-step process Tafiq uses to help clients eliminate the menopause symptoms they have struggled with for years including nutrition guidelines, fitness guidelines, lifestyle guidelines, frequently asked questions, and so much more. This booklet can be an introduction to 1:1 or small group coaching for employees struggling to manage their menopause symptoms.


Mr. Menopause Guide To Better Sleep

Tafiq's Mr. Menopause Guide To Better Sleep, is a comprehensive how-to manual PACKED with advice, methods, and resources that explain why getting enough sleep is important, the ideal sleeping position for each individual, how to raise the quality of their sleep, and much more. I hope it will be of utmost benefit to your clients and potential customers.


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More Benefits Of Becoming A More Menopause-Friendly Organization





3 in 5 women deal with adverse symptoms of menopause while on the job, and 1 in 3 actively hide their menopause symptoms from colleagues and managers out of fear.




Making your organization menopause-friendly ensures it fulfills its duties to provide a safe, healthy, and discrimination-free workplace.




Breaking the taboo and stigma in the workplace on the natural life change that all women go through is the humanitarian thing to do.




Creating a culture where women feel comfortable to ask for support, and where managers are equipped with the skills and tools to provide support enables women to work well. 

Menopause In The Workplace Training Options

Self-Paced eLearning Program

Menopause In the Workforce Training Program

What's Included:

  • 3 Sections \ 9 Training Modules (3-10 min max)
  • Section 1: Menopause 101 + Quiz

  • Section 2: Understanding The Multiple Effects Of Menopause + Quiz

  • Section 3: Managing Menopause In Your Work Space + Quiz

  • Weekly Access To Menopause Related Guides & Resources

  • Unlimited Email and Community Group Support

  • Mr. Menopause Approved Badge

(upon completing section quizzes)


In-Person or Virtual Training Program

Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Training & Policy Program


  • (6 ) Live Web Classes (up to 60-min)

  • Access To Recorded Sessions (not applicable for in-person)
  • Award-winning Menopause Awareness Curriculum 
  • Unlimited Email and Community Group Support
  • Guides, Action Learning Exercises, and a Curated Selection of Actionable Tools & Resources
  • BONUS: Access to the Self-Paced Menopause In the Workforce e/Learning Program
  • Menopause Awareness In the Workplace Policy Template & Guidelines
  • Mr Menopause Approved Badge
  • Menopause Experts Badge  

(upon completing the training)


In-Person 1-Day Workshop

Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Workshop

What's Included

  • 4-5 Hour VIP 1-Day Workshop :
  • Menopause Awareness In The Workplace Training + Q&A
  • Menopause 101 + Q&A
  • Understanding The Multiple Effects Of Menopause + Q&A
  •  Managing Menopause In Your Work Space + Q&A
  • Menopause Awareness Policy Outline and Workplace Exam
  • Mr Menopause Approved Badge
  • Menopause Experts Badge

(upon completing the training)


To Enroll Schedule A Free Discovery Call Today!





Mr. Menopause

Tafiq Akhir, aka Mr. Menopause, is a Hormone, Health, and Fat Loss Specialist passionate about helping women over 40 regain control of their bodies by eliminating the root cause of their hormone, health, and weight management issues.

Tafiq is an author, speaker, coach, and host of The Mr. Menopause Show. He has been helping clients eliminate menopause symptoms, reverse illness, shed fat, and feel amazing with his personalized holistic approach to metabolic health and wellness for over 20 years.

"Menopause is not just a woman's health issue, as many mistakenly believe. Menopause is a woman's LIFE issue. It impacts every aspect of her life mentally, physically, and emotionally," Tafiq says.

"Therefore, it will impact her relationships, health, and work. Significant others, family members, colleagues, and employers must know, understand, empathize, and support women going through this life-altering stage of life to maintain healthy, strong relationships and retain, encourage, and support valued talent to excel in their jobs.

In his free time, Tafiq enjoys doing anything creative in the fine or performing arts and spending time with his spouse Darryl, and two fur babies, Jasper and Lewie.

Tafiq is also a proud 6-year member of the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood.

Ask About Tafiq's Bulk Book Discount


This book is for CEOs, managers, HR directors, and colleagues of women aged 40-60, which is prime time for menopause. These women are the fastest-growing workforce demographic, and at this stage of life, they also tend to excel in their careers and are highly valued assets on the job.

However, more than 20% of these successful women also leave the workforce, with the life-altering symptoms they experience during menopause being the primary reason.

Use this book to learn about menopause, how it can impact business, support valued female employees, and why understand how the importance of a workplace menopause training or policy will benefit your organization.

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