Menopausal Moms Is A Membership & Community For Midlife Women Experiencing The Life-Altering Changes That Happen During Menopause


With the barrage of generic misinformation about menopause in mainstream media lately, it is essential to have a reliable and fact-based resource to get education, information, and support to help manage menopause in everyday life, especially for moms.



Did you know that 77% of women experience menopause symptoms and aren't even aware their symptoms are menopause related?


There are up to 60 different symptoms of menopause that are often overlooked, misdiagnosed, or incorrectly treated.


In the membership, you'll get monthly menopause-themed health & wellness workshops with proven and fact-based resources to help you better understand and manage menopause and its impact on your body, life, and more.


You may be shocked to learn that 66% of women report initiating divorce during their menopausal years.


25% of women also resign or are considering leaving a job due to the impact their menopause symptoms have on work and the working environment.


Tafiq will share resources to help you better manage relationships & work during menopause and so much more.


  • Monthly Menopause-Related Themed Workshops + Workbook
  • Access To Workshop Recordings
  • Weekly Wrap-Up Community Call
  • Ask Mr. Menopause Q&A 
  • Guest Experts
  • 10% Off Discounts  on Mr. Menopause Coaching Programs, Select Merchandise, Coaching, Special Events, and more

Menopausal Supermoms™ Membership


You Get Everything Included In The Menopausal Moms Membership


Menopause + Healthy Aging Coaching

  • Monthly group coaching call with Tafiq 

Unlimited Access To Tafiq's Physiques  Monthly Kitchen Club

  • Delicious menopause, healthy aging & family-friendly recipes 
  • Sample meal plan
  • Healthy kitchen bonuses

Unlimited Access To Tafiq's Physiques Metabolic Fit Club

  • New workout weekly
  • Unlimited access to weekly workout library of 100's of on-demand workouts
  • Exercise demonstrations and modifications tutorial videos

Tafiq's Clients Share How He Helped Them Eliminate The Root Cause Of The Hormone, Health & Weight Managemant Issues They Struggled With For Years