Do You Want To Lose Weight, Get Fit & Feel Great Without Ever Dieting Again?

I've Got The Solution That Can Help!

Diet Free Academy is the easy to follow nutrition and wellness program that will enable you to reshape your body, restore your health and renew your life. This is NOT a diet, this is an 8-week healthy lifestyle course that will teach you how to lose weight, get fit and improve your health without ever going on a diet again.


Real Success Stories

Sherrelle Johnson

Sherrelle lost a total of 31 pounds, took 3 total inches off her arms, 8 total inches off her waist, 5 total inches off her hips, and 9 total inches off her waist.

Megan Ables

Megan was amazed that she was able to lose inches while still enjoying the foods she loved and without having to give up her favorite pilates workouts.


A.W. is all about embracing her curves. She was so excited to trim her waist, lift her butt and get her hourglass figure back through proper eating and exercise, instead of invasive surgery.

Learn How To Live A Healthy Diet Free Lifestyle 

  • Learn how to make the best food choices for your personal needs in any situation. 
  • Learn how to lose weight without calories, detox, juice, or fast.
  • Learn how to transform your body without long exhausting workouts.
  • Learn to combine foods in the best way for your personal nutritional needs.

More Real "Diet Free Academy" Success Stories

Darlene Beccaria

Darlene was able to balance her hormones, increase strength, take.   inches off her waist and got her pre-baby body back after having 3 kids.

Constance Lopez

Constance didn't just lose 33 pounds. She was able to take her A1C from an 8.6 down to a 5.6, and her doctor took her off her medications. She says she got a life back that she didn't think she could have.

Sylvie Marshall

Sylvie was able to lose weight and tone up after several failed attempts with traditional diets and trainers. She not only trimmed her waist, increased her strength, and toned her arms. She says I helped her get her sexy back.

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