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SUSTAINABLE Fat Loss, Energy & Good Health

Weekly nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle lessons designed to easily fit into any type of schedule.
Covering a wide range of fitness, nutrition and wellness topics. 
The  head coach and creator DFA has nearly 20 years experience in the fitness, nutrition and wellness field.
The DFA program can be accesses from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Anytime, anywhere.



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Diet Free Academy is a step-by-step nutrition, fitness and lifestyle program that address the mental, emotional, physical and nutritional challenges that cause poor health and weight gain.


The online coaching program teaches how shed body fat and improve health without counting calories, juicing, fasting, detoxing and doing long exhausting workouts.


For the first time ever Tafiq Akhir is making the Diet Free Academy program available with full access for the rest of your life at the low cost of $545.

I’m a mother of 3 boys that had always anyways struggle to lose weight. Diet Free Academy was extremely informational and changed all that for me.

In 8 weeks I lost 10 lbs and inches off my waist. I stopped having headaches, I never felt deprived and the program fit right into my busy schedule. This is not a get thin quick gimmick, this is educating yourself so you can make the right choices to live an healthier lifestyle. 

~Bethany Bashar | Arbonne Consultant

Here's What's Included In The Program:

8 modules full of amazing video content to teach you how to live a healthy diet free lifestyle.

Easy lifestyle tips and tools to implement into your daily life.

Simple, delicious and nutritious meal plans. With recipes, grocery lists and meal tracking for accountability.

8 weeks of full access to the online Diet Free Academy membership site.

Short fat blasting workouts and workout recommendations. All online, easy to follow and with minimal equipment.

4 months of unlimited email support, FREE membership to our private Facebook group & more.

Your body is your biggest asset.
Feed it, move it and treat it as such because
it's the only one you'll ever have.
~ Tafiq Akhir



The Purpose Of Food
How To Feed Your Hormones
Food For Fat Loss
Food For Health
Combat Cravings
And More...



Types Of Exercise
Working Out For Fat Loss
Working Out For Health
Exercise Recovery
High Intensity / Low Intensity
And More... 



Managing Stress
Managing Time
Planning Ahead
Making Better Choices
And More... 

Whether you're a housewife, business exec, single mom,

professional, business owner, student or any combination of the above.

Diet Free Academy can help you get the body and level of health you want and deserve.


Weekly LIVE Online Coaching Calls w/ Tafiq                                $800 - Included For FREE
1 Yr Membership - Tafiq's Physiques Virtual Fitness Studio           $348/yr - Included For FREE
4 Month Membership To Meallogger (private group)                      $300 - Included For FREE
Also included for FREE:
4 Months UNLIMITED Email Support
Membership To Private Facebook Page
Nutritional Imbalance Assessment / Recommendations
"I have diabetes...two weeks after I completed the 8 week program I had my A1C blood sugar levels tested. I went from an 8.6 down to a 5.6, and my doctor took me off my medications. Tafiq gave me back a life I didn't think I could have."
~ Constance Lopez  | Entertainer


Here's A Recap Of What You're Getting:

✓ 8 Weeks Of Expert Coaching w/ Tafiq
✓ Lifetime Access To The Diet Free Academy Program
✓ 4 Month Subscription to Tafiq's Physiques Virtual Fitness Studio
✓ Your Personal Nutrition & Wellness Assessment w/ Recommendations
✓ 4 Months Of Unlimited Email Support
✓ Availability On All Devices
✓ 8 "LIVE" Weekly Wrap Up Group Coaching Calls (online)
✓ Free Content Updates
✓ More Than 35 Life Changing Lessons
✓ Nutrition Guidelines For Sustainable Fat Loss & Good Health
✓ Fitness Guidelines For Sustainable Fat Loss, Strength & Good Health
✓ Lifestyle Guidelines For Energy, Health, Longevity & Overall Well Being
✓ Recipes, Grocery Lists & Meal Plans
✓ Weekly Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Tips 
✓ Stress Management Tools
✓ Time Management Tools
✓ Highly Effective & Time Efficient Workout Videos
✓ Affiliate Opportunities
✓ Diet Free Academy Coach Certification Opportunities
✓ Life Change & Confidence Boost
✓ A Mental, Physical & Emotional Transformation

Don't Take Our Word For It,

See What Other's Are Saying

"When I paired the Diet Free Academy nutritional guidelines with the workouts, I began to change the way I looked and the way I felt.  And within no time, I started to see results. The instructor knows his stuff and provides guidance and assistance at every turn. I feel healthier, sexier and more confident than I have felt in years thanks to this program." 

~Sylvie Marshall

“I have never felt better and I give full credit to Tafiq and Diet Free Academy. The nutrition plan cleared out my system, making me feel reenergized, clear headed, and non symptomatic of digestive problems. I have also had many challenges. From family illness, allergies and hormone changes. To preparing nutritious meals for picky children. But with our DFA community and coaching calls there was never a struggle that I walked alone!”

~Darlene Beccaria

"I lost 23 pounds within the 8 week program. I was struggling with obesity and had not been able to get below 200 pounds for nearly 10 years. To finally be below 200 pounds is wonderful. I recommend this program for people struggling with weight loss, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar. As a result of Diet Free Academy, all my numbers have come down. I am truly grateful for this program."

~Sherrelle Johnson

"I can't say enough positive things about Tafiq’s Diet Free Academy. I wish I had done this so much  sooner.   I  lost  over

10 lbs and 3" off waist. I finally stopped dieting and started eating healthy.

I recommend this program to whoever is struggling with weight and doesn't know what to eat and avoid."

~ A.W.

"I was able to lose inches which was a huge surprise. The scale never represented my body changes as much as the measuring tape did. The fitness videos are also great because I could do them whenever I wanted, as well as incorporating other things you like to do which is great for me because I love my Pilates classes. I highly recommend this program and I’m excited as to what the future holds as I continue on this journey."

~Megan Abels

"Kudos to Tafiq for creating the Diet Free Academy! I never imagined that an online weight loss and lifestyle program could be so effective. I saw results almost immediately! The Diet Free Academy is practical and lays down a foundation that sets you up for success from the start. If you’re serious about changing your life and transforming your mind and body, this program is for you!" 

~Kimberly Sumpter

Take The First Step Of your Transformation Journey

Tafiq Akhir is an internationally recognized healthy lifestyle coach that has helped thousands of people shed hundreds of pounds of body fat, reverse health issues and improve their overall quality of life.

His workout DVD programs have sold out worldwide. His nutrition & wellness programs continue to reshape the bodies and lives of people both online and in-person.

Tafiq has worked with fitness pioneers Richard Simmons, Linda Shelton & Leigh Crews. And has been featured in Health Magazine, Livestrong and Men's Health.

He's a speaker, host, author of cookbooks, fitness presenter fitness program creator and nutrition program creator that can help you reshape your body, restore your health and renew your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have access to the program?

Once you register you will have 8 week access or lifetime access, depending on which program you invest in. You have access to the program as often as you like during that time. Each module is released weekly over the course of 8 weeks. Once the module is open it will remain open.

  • Is the DFA program available in person?

Not yet. Although the current academy is online only for your convenience to be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet. Tafiq is currently scouting out locations in Los Angeles to provide DFA classes and coaching groups in person as well.

  • Who is this best suited for?

Although the program is marketed to women. Anyone suffering from poor health, weight gain, poor energy, stress or lack of self confidence will benefit from the Diet Free Academy program.

  • How long will it take to complete the program?

Modules are released weekly. You can easily complete a module in that week. However, Tafiq highly encourages you to view each lesson a number of times in order to absorb the information adequately. From our experience, the students who get the most out of the program repeat the content in order to retain it better over time. However, the level at which you dedicate yourself to the program will determine how long it takes. 

  • Is this for a company or a single user?

This is for a single user, not a group or business. However, we do offer group discounts for companies that want to encourage their employees to live healthier and more fit lives.


For group and company discount rates please inquire HERE.


* Tafiq Akhir / Tafiq's Physiques LLC cannot guarantee specific results. Every person is different, therefore your results will be specific to you. We provide nutrition, fitness and wellness coaching methods that have been proven successful for most of our clients. Your results may vary. The more effort you put into the program and executing the lessons the more likely you are to succeed.
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