Metabolic Screening & Assessment


Metabolic Code® Health & Vitality Screening



The Metabolic Code® Health & Vitality screening and assessment automatically integrates over 16,000 proprietary, evidence based algorithms generating a detailed report to define your personal metabolic roadblocks and challenges.


Information is organized using a clinical systems biology approach. The one-of-a-kind TRIAD system helps to prescribe a custom coaching plan designed specifically  to restore personal health and vitality.


The five (5) TRIADS comprise the complete metabolic framework represented in the Metabolic Code Report. 

Each Triad contains three (3) interrelated biological domains where common clinical patterns often reside and are clearly defined in the clinical literature . By focusing on groupings of data – called Metabotypes– a clear, focused and powerful picture emerges of the individual’s unique metabolic signature.

Metabolic Fitness & Physical Activity Screening

The Metabolic Physiotype Fitness screening and assessment provides a baseline for your overall physical fitness needs.


By combining the results of an inBody body composition analysis with the results of a fitness level screening, your physiological imbalances (if any), metabolic rate,  blood pressure, cardiovascular health and hormonal imbalances - a custom fitness and physical activity plan is created. Following your custom health and fitness plan will promote safe, highly effective and time efficient weight loss, lean muscle tone, improved cardiovascular health, hormone balance, increased strength,  boosted   endurance,   and  better  overall physical health and wellness.


The Metabolic Makeover coaching plan combines custom coaching based on both your nutrition and fitness needs to ensure that you are maximizing your metabolism to promote sustainable weight loss, alleviate chronic fatigue, improve overall health and feel better than you have in years.

If you are ready to stop struggling with midlife weigh and health problem, and you want to turn back the clock on your metabolism to look and feel your best apply for a FREE Metabolic Screening to get started today.