Tafiq's Physiques® Group Fitness Classes - gives members well planned and highly effective workouts that promote the best experience possible.


Classes are challenging, but doable. Coaches lead each class with all fitness levels in mind.


Our Instructors provide modifications and alterations for beginners, injuries and 1st timers.




Tafiq's Physiques® Semi-Private Classes - are created for small groups and couples who prefer not to train in large groups.


Semi-Private members get the attention of a one-on-one class in a small group setting. 

Semi-Private classes can range between 2 to 8 students per class.

Classes are challenging, but doable. Coaches lead each class with all fitness levels in mind. Instructors provide modifications and alterations for beginners, injuries and 1st timers.


Tafiq's Physiques® One-On-One Coaching provides clients with a customized fitness and wellness program that not only helps manage weight. Clients improve overall physical fitness, strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, focus, health and confidence.

Tafiq's Physiques® One-On-One Coaching is a personal training experience that is unmatched by most in the health and fitness field.

Tafiq's Physiques® Nutrition & Wellness Coaching provides personalized nutrition guidelines based on Tafiq Akhir's signature Diet Free approach to nutrition & wellness.

You will learn which foods are best for your personal nutritional body type. How to balance your hormones through food. How to increase your energy through food. How to improve your health, increase mental clarity, improve skin, eliminate inflammation, and so much more...through food.


Tafiq's Physiques® Nutrition & Wellness Coaching clients have reversed diabetes, been taken off medications, eliminated lifelong skin problems, improved their digestive health, shed hundreds of pounds and completely changed their lives

What People Are Saying About Tafiq's Physiques

" I have been a student of Tafiq's for over four years and I can personally attest to how my body has transformed under his guidance. He is one of the most knowledgable teachers offering up new and different challenges every day. He somehow manages to have an eagle eye on everyone in a class of over thirty people and will always call you out when you aren't pushing your hardest or your form is incorrect! In his polite way, of course, but it is reassuring to know that he cares about the results of all of his students. I am so excited he finally has a DVD series so I can pack him up with me when I travel for work - its much more convenient than stuffing him in my carry-on! " :)

- Silamith Weir

" Just when you think you’ve done it all Tafiq finds muscles that you didn’t know you had!  I’ve done every kind of workout there is but with Tafiq I’m amazed at his creativity.  He takes an ordinary exercise and TAFIQIFIES it!  I am always challenged, always surprised and beyond thrilled with my results.  It’s not about working out to be skinny, it’s about being fit, being strong and learning more about what your own body can do and with Tafiq it’s more than I would have thought.  He calls one of his exercises “heavy pants”, it’s as if you are trying to pull up a pair of lead pants.  Every time I pull on a pair of pants I think “heavy pants” and then I break out a big smile because thanks to Tafiq my “heavy” pants are now smaller pants! "

~Janice Bremec

" Tafiq is the best of the best. He knows the body, and creates workouts that focus on completely changing the body.  I have taken classes from other instructors where you walk out hurt, literally unable to walk or move without immense amounts of pain. Tafiq's workouts and stretch before and after class ensure that you get a great workout without feeling like you've been run over by a truck. He creates workouts that are accessible to all body types, age groups, genders and fitness levels. He never wants his students competing with each other, it's always about competing with yourself. I've taken his class for over one year, and I have seen amazing results from his TXT regimen. I have become stronger, faster and more tone. I can't recommend Tafiq enough. That's why I keep coming back. "

~George Sealey

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