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About The Program

My vision is to help women and men turn back the clock on their metabolism for sustainable weight loss, improved health, and longterm vitality by delivering tailored nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coaching specific to the metabolic and hormonal imbalances of each individual person.


Not only have I helped hundreds of women and men reshape their bodies and restore their health - I too have turned back the clock on my metabolism by reversing a pre-diabetic diagnosis, losing nearly 50 pounds, eliminating chronic knee pain and inflammation, and restoring my health and vitality after surviving a stroke.  


I know and understand how you feel and where you’re starting from if you’re over weight or experiencing mid-life health issues. I also know you CAN reshape your body, restore your health and renew your life without counting calories, doing long exhausting workouts or ever feeling deprived. 


My 20 years of experience, nationally accredited certifications and specialized education in metabolic and hormone health enable me to provide an elite level coaching experience that gets results. 

Tafiq puts his 20 years of experience, education and expert coaching to good use everyday in order to provide the most safe, highly effective, and time efficient weight loss program available for women and men over 40.

Tafiq’s Metabolic Makeover helps clients shed stubborn weight gain by maximizing the metabolism, balancing hormones, and improving overall health through expert coaching, education, accountability and support that promotes sustainable weight loss, good health and boundless vitality.


With a “diet-free” approach to nutrition, low impact exercise options and easy lifestyle hacks, Tafiq’s Metabolic Makeover is the last weight loss program you’ll need to lose weight, get fit and feel great!


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