How To Transform Your Body In 28-Days!

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Improve blood pressure, better blood glucose levels, lower bad cholesterol, and feel better!!


Decrease overall body fat, increase lean muscle to help burn fat while at rest, balance hormones, maximize your metabolism and feel better.


Increase energy throughout your day, improve productivity, decrease anxiety, improve mental clarity, and feel better!


Shannon C. Testimonial

I decided to try the 28 day body blast on a bit of a whim -- I was really tired of those extra pounds I had put on, felt tired and unable to maintain a diet or start a new workout routine.  The 28 days sounded inherently appealing in that I knew it would be time-limited and figured I could stick to most things for 28 days.  The first two days of the "diet" I was uncertain - those detox days are a little rough.  But stick with it because right after it, you will be eating DELICIOUS FOOD.  I was skeptical about the recipes as I looked through them - pumpkin in chili? a weird hash with sweet potatoes?  But I loved almost every meal.  I really didn't feel like I was on a diet because I was actually enjoying the food much more than I was when I was eating terribly!  The workouts were also great.  They really are 15 minutes (or even less) and it is hard to argue you can't fit that into your schedule.  I did them both at the gym and at home.  I liked doing it at home a bit better - it was super easy to fit in and you really need almost nothing in terms of equipment.  And the results were awesome!  I lost 9 lbs, and 3.5 inches on my waist. I want to continue eating this way and try to up my game in other ways, such as increasing my exercise, but in the limited time I've had since the 28 day body blast ended, I've been able to stick to the workouts Tafiq provided, so I still feel like I'm moving forward.  I never quite believe these testimonials online (even though I always really want to!), but I've been extremely happy with the results and also with the way this has changed my eating.  Thanks Tafiq!

Steven S. Results

Steven lost 16 pounds, increased his lean muscle, and completely reshaped his entire body. Steven said he wanted to be one of my before and after success photos. He did just that!



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